GTA: San Andreas HD Could Be Coming To PS Vita

"Late last month Rockstar sneakily pulled GTA: San Andreas from the Xbox Live Marketplace and replaced it with the updated GTA: San Andreas HD.

The updated game featured a new lick of paint to the tired visuals and some achievements to give you an incentive to explore the vast world of San Andreas.

The update was basically a port of the iOS and Android version of GTA: San Andreas HD, a mobile game that's performed well in the charts over the last few months and has been a hit with mobile gamers.

But could Rockstar be about to deploy the fan favourite to the struggling PS Vita?"

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sinncross1375d ago

Honestly, SA HD and a SA Stories for Vita would rock.

But, who knows if either will actually ever happen :/

psvitamanfan1375d ago

True that... I think it's likely Rockstar are at least working on something for the Vita. If my memory serves, they were listed as one of the developers for the PS Vita when it was first announced.

theshonen88991375d ago

This pos article has literally no source or hard evidence. Its pure speculation.


psvitamanfan1375d ago

@theshone8899 - hence the 'opinion piece' categorisation. It's simply a theory that Rockstar may be bringing the game to the Vita as they've ported it to one console, it'd be easy enough to port to the Vita.

Still love ya though, don't worry.

Massacred1375d ago

I would love this. To see a Vita verion from the iOS port. But I want keep the PS2 classic version on PSN as people should have access to the original somewhere.

psvitamanfan1375d ago

Yeah especially since the HD port isn't quite up to snuff with the original. I think Eurogamer did a good comparison across the Xbox 360, iOS, Android, PS2 and PC versions

MultiConsoleGamer1375d ago

Dear god PLEASE let this happen!

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The story is too old to be commented.