Mighty No. 9 Hero gets A Redesign

We all know what Comcept’s Mighty No. 9, headed by Keiji Inafune, really is- it’s a Mega Man game in all but name. It looks like Mega Man, it plays like Mega Man, it is even being headed by the same guy who created Mega Man in the first place.
That said, the similarities were sometimes a bit too obvious. Perhaps so blatant that even Capcom couldn’t ignore them for any longer. What exactly went down between Capcom and Comcept we don’t know (maybe the threat of a lawsuit?), but the long and short of it is, as you can see in the image above, Mighty No. 9’s Beck looks a whole lot less like Mega Man now than he did before.

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Amuro1343d ago

redesign? All they did was change the gray color for white... Although I must admit it looks much more better.

Tiqila1342d ago

I also prefer the white look. Calling it a redesign is a massive exaggeration, thats true.

hay1341d ago

Typical overexaggeration.

//Beck.Color2 = blueish;
Beck.Color2 = not_the_whitish_we_need;
Commit > Enter notes:
Redesigned visually Beck's appearance to reflect spec update #number. Refactored beck style source code. Added comments. Commited to repo. Entered notes. Submitted commit form.

Beck.Color2 = the_whitish_we_need;
Commit > Enter notes:
Further redesign of Beck's visual presence. Additional refactoring of the code performed. Added comments. Commited to repo. Entered notes. Submitted commit form. Given more attention to commit notes than the acutal change required man-seconds.

Jonny5isalive1342d ago

now he looks like X because he is white. And, he still looks the same.

Massacred1343d ago

Hmm. I was more a fan of the original color scheme, but still hyped for this.

Afterlife1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

I like the change. White makes him pop on screen.

d3nworth11342d ago

I just want this game to be so successful that capcom kicks themselves in the ass for abandoning megaman fans.

Ginesis1342d ago

Is there a release date for this game yet?

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