Giant Vita Is The World's Most Pointless Handheld

The PS Vita TV has problems. Cramming it inside an over sized handheld shell to make it "portable" is not going to fix any of them.

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MultiConsoleGamer1409d ago

I want one. I think it's neat.

Sandy_Claws1409d ago

Almost as pointless as the regular Vita!


tlougotg1409d ago

Vita is an awesome handheld, actually the best out there too bad alot of ppl didnt get to experience it. Sony really messed up also with the overpriced proprietary memory cards.

nix1409d ago

those expensive memory cards really make me shake my head. on one hand sony makes PS3/4 where one can easily install 3rd party HDD and on Vita, they go and make us use super expensive memory cards. i still use 4GB memory card and it's cumbersome because i have to keep deleting games and i don't think i can ever buy big game series like GOW 1/2.

truly mind baffling.

having said that.. i use Vita to play all the free PS+ games.

ramiuk11409d ago

The card cost is the reason I refuse to buy one. It isn't needed at all, specially with the drop in and card prices

OB1Biker1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

I bought my vita with a free 16GB card and happy with it
Edit: GOW collection is on retail

nix1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

OB. i was just making a point and i'm talking digital. i just checked Killzone Merc.. and it's on sale but it clearly says i need 8GB or more space of disc space. if sony ever gives GOW series free or Killzone Merc free on PS+, i won't be able to play it unless i buy those expensive memory cards.

rextraordinaire1409d ago

Yeah, the proprietary cards are the one single thing I really don't like about my Vita. For the rest, it's really good.

shaw981409d ago

So now they are trying to make an XL version just like Nintendo does with their handhelds? If your normal model is not selling, what makes you think an XL version will do better? 3ds did not get an XL version until the normal model started to sell. To this day both the XL and Normal are selling about the same amount of models a week.

Games sell hardware, not new hardware. Make more games for vita instead of wasting money on making an even more expensive models. I have more of a reason to buy the normal vita model now because it is cheaper and that is not saying much.

Angeljuice1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

Did you read the article? This isn't an XL Vita at all, I think you're confused.

It's a case that you put a Vita TV inside to make it portable. It's not even made by Sony and isn't an official product (its an accessory made by Gametech).

Cryptcuzz1409d ago

Cut him some slack man, reading comprehension is not his strong suit.

Seriously, most just comment base on the title and the result is usually going on a rant for no damn reason.

It also doesn't help that sites like Kotaku make articles like this only to bring out the worse in people.

Protagonist1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )


It is a Playstation TV peripheral and Sony did not make it.
They just made Freedom Wars though,
also Tales of Hearts R just got released,
so did Minecraft
and so did two Senran Kagura games
and Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate
and Natural Doctrine
and Invizimals etc...

I just mentioned 8 games released within 2 month for the Vita (and there have been more releases)

Now what is baffling to me, is guys like you are on N4G, yet still dont know what is happening with the Vita...

Guess it is only the negative headlines that attracts...