GameInformer- Pro Evo 2015 Review: A Hopeful Start To A New Campaign

GameInformer- When teams gain promotion to the top division they enter into a brand-new world. They become minnows in an ocean dominated by world-class teams who spend big money and expect to go deep into the Champions League every year. Even though Konami started its upgrade last year on the PS3 and Xbox 360 by using the Fox engine for the franchise, the series' debut on the PS4 and Xbox One is a promotion into a higher tier that demands Pro Evo rise to the occasion.

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q8kik1226d ago

Better than Fifa is all i can confirm, i bought both.

freshslicepizza1226d ago

good to hear. i was getting bored of fifa. it looks pretty, has great commentary and an excellent interface but something about the gameplay was lacking. thats where pes has always managed to outdo fifa.