Xbox One 1TB Limited Edition Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Bundle gets free $50 eGift card deal

A new deal, which includes a free $50 eGift card, has been revealed for Xbox One 1TB Limited Edition Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Bundle.

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ainTgoTTime2bleed1290d ago ShowReplies(2)
Ripsta7th1290d ago

So does that leave it at $200 flat now?!?

miyamoto1290d ago

wow M$, why not just throw us the freaking xBone for free!?
you have tons of cash, right?

that is how good business is done, to widen the "installed base, right?

make your fans very happy, indeed

voodoogts1290d ago

With all those sales from Sony PS4 it surprises me that that Sony still struggles to make a profit each year as a company. As for Microsoft they are always gaining.

Microsoft net worth is 318 billion dollars while Sony is at 8 Billion dollars. Lol

Sony needs a new business strategy...

Jaqen_Hghar1290d ago

Playstation is profitable. Sony is not. Big difference.

Christopher1290d ago

If only Sony could create a business monopoly based on software.

donthate1289d ago

To be a monopoly and maintain it with fierce competition that gives away free competing software is no small feat, let alone that MS isn't a monopoly in all the software types they sell.

We also see how the best software company in the world iterates so I think it is a well deserved. However, competition with pressure is always best and we see that with the Xbox One.

Christopher1289d ago

@donthate: That's why I specified 'business monopoly' as it relates to businesses using their software in over 98% of the business markets out there. That's where they have control, over what governments and businesses use for their productivity software.

iluvmaPS31290d ago

You think with all that money they wouldn't have came out with the weaker system. Just goes to show how much more sony cares about us than M $

XanderZane1290d ago

Good deal. Didn't even know Dell sold game consoles. Who knew.

optimus1290d ago

Looks like people in here didn't bother to click on the actual deal. If they did they would see it is NOT a good deal at all... It says it's $450 and they give you a $50 ecard... It does NOT mean you can apply the ecard to the's just an ecard you can use to buy OTHER things from dell.

The best deal i've seen so far is from Target with the Unity bundle for $329 which includes 2 games.

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