Grand Theft Auto V PS4 Off-Screen Gameplay Footage And Screenshots Leaked, Shows First Person Mode

Retailers have broken the street date of GTA V and gameplay footage of PlayStation 4 version of the game has made its way on to internet showcasing first person mode.

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Stuart57561104d ago

Terrible screenshots, don't waste a click.

eezo1104d ago

clearly mention in the title those are off-screen screenshots and video... but gives a small glimpse of how it runs on ps4 considering the fact we have hardly seen a FPS mode gameplay from rockstar games

nX1104d ago

You must be a magician if you can tell from screenshots how a game runs.


SinisterKieran1104d ago


"and video"
i think a video gives a pretty good idea on how it runs. even if it is from a stream.

bouzebbal1104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

you can make good quality off-screen gameplay.

Terrible Grand Theft Auto V PS4 Off-Screen Gameplay Footage And Screenshots Leaked, Shows First Person Mode but don't bother to click you won't see a thing


trickman8881104d ago

Thanks for the warning. Won't give the website any hits.

Eidolon1104d ago

Never seen first person mode for GTAV, the gif showed what I needed to know.

ramiuk11104d ago Show
zyon81104d ago

Not worth a dick in my opinion.

XanderZane1104d ago

Yeah, that was a waste of time. Even the video has been taken down now. =oP Booooooooo!!!

PurpHerbison1104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

Holy crap, terrible screen shots of the PS4 version look EXACTLY like the PS3 version in person.

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C L O U D1104d ago

You get a first person shooter...a racing game...a sandbox and etc...all in one

Convinced me now...

eezo1104d ago

OPM called GTA V the open world sandbox title everyone waited and resolution bump a huge game changer... what else gamers want, isn't the name GTA and Rockstar Games is enough?

FullmetalRoyale1104d ago

"isn't the name GTA and Rockstar Games is enough?"

Not for me it isn't, not on it's own. I'm getting it because they clearly worked hard for my money(again) and I want to stroll down the streets of Los Santos in first person. I'm not sold on brand name alone, not in this day and age.

I'll be bouncing between GTA V and Dragon Age: Inquisition on my PS4 next week. The excitement is palpable, particularly for Inquision. Then I think of GTA... Mmmmm

BABY-JEDI1104d ago

I'm not really a big fan of GTA, played original top down views & GTA 2. Just didn't like the camera view in 3rd person. But first person has sold this to me beyond belief. I've always been impressed with R*. They have now just bought me. Cheap for £60

boing11104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

I bet the guys behind Battlefield: Hardline are shitting their pants right now.

angelsx1104d ago

Last night some dude was streaming gta5 ps4 in twitch for half an hour.

Ma1nframe1104d ago

Cannot WAIT for this game!!!!!!

zyon81104d ago

Patience is a virtue unfortunately :)

combatcash1104d ago

It's interesting how rockstar was able to hit 1080p with this game, IMO it looks to be the most impressive and demanding game this gen.

Fishy Fingers1104d ago

Considering what they managed to squeeze of of the last gen systems I'm not surprised at all that they've hit 1080p, considering the have 8x the horsepower. R* are perfectionists and their games represent their labour of love.

RedDevils1104d ago

and now compare that to Ubi...

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