Killer Instinct Xbox 360 Videos Surface

Two videos have surfaced showing Xbox 360 builds of the Xbox One exclusive, Killer Instinct.

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Fireseed1343d ago

Tbh this really isn't surprising. As someone who is a MASSIVE fan of the franchise and the new game in particular, it isnt exactly graphically stunning and has that distinct feeling of a cross-gen game. Would be great to eventually see ports of the game to PC and 360 to grow the user base more.

NiteX1342d ago

It would sell a ton on Steam.

GodGinrai1342d ago

No chance of that happening. I think MS have already learned the hard way that putting X1 games on PC will only hurt the xbox.

ScorpiusX1342d ago

Or they can keep all profits and sale from their own store .

Amuro1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

the graphics look nearly the same as the xbone version. Kinda weird it wasn't a cross-gen title like Forza Horizon 2.

DragonbornZ1343d ago

Your'e talking about the footage @ 4:21 right? Cause that's the 360 build.

Kribwalker1342d ago

Doesn't look close to Xbox one version

Sandy_Claws1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

The animations seems to be missing a lot of frames and screen tearing says hello. 720P, I'm guessing. Game looks great on the X1, especially with the 900P patch. Not stunning, but pretty good still.

NovusTerminus1342d ago

Mostly because this is a prototype build, it's not going to be optimized or pretty.

Tzuno1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

The only reason to power on my 360 :P i would like a PC release too. WTF SF4 training stage???

Emrage1342d ago

There goes another exclusive

Dudebro901342d ago

Learn to read. It'll do wonders for you.

Pogmathoin1342d ago

What do you mean by that Emrage? Please expand or admit your just trolling, even though thats fine as it was only making fun of MS.

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