Overwatch Borrows as Much from Street Fighter II as it does Team Fortress 2 - AusGamers

AusGamers has written a feature article on Blizzard's newly announced IP, Overwatch, and has drawn as much comparison to Street Fighter II as Team Fortress II.

From the article:

"A few tell-tale signs emerge when you sit down at the game. For one, all of the characters are over-the-top anime-inspired death machines, and each packs a very unique manifest of abilities and powers. Even the BlizzCon interface was effectively lifted from a fighting game. The levels are bright and buzzing places -- arenas you could imagine any fighting game battlegrounds looking like, if the camera were taken off its fixed 2D, or mildly confined 3D range, and the chokepoint level design, while not a fighting game trope by any means, still often forces players into fixed standoff zones. Characters also come packaged with very unique and individual personalities that jump off and out of the screen. That there’s little in-game exposition on who, or why, these people exists is also telling, which leads me to my moment of sleuth."

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