PSXE Dragon Age: Inquisition Review: Evolution And Redemption

Role-playing fans have been waiting for a definitive experience in the new generation, and now it's here. Epic and involving, Inquisition is a triumph.

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Myst-Vearn1410d ago

So glad Inquisition turned out to be this good. This also gives me hope for future Bioware games, like the next Mass Effect.

Truehellfire1410d ago

Yeah I am looking forward to playing it. Bioware really needed to knock this one out of the park to make up for Dragon Age II and based from the majority of reviewers it looks like they did just that. Glad to see it too cause I really enjoyed Origins and the Dragon Age universe. Can't way to play this come Tuesday

TacticAce1410d ago

The only reason why the graphics arent mind blowing is because the last gen consoles holding it back. Whenever you see xbox 360 or ps3 stamped on a game now just think "it could have been better"