Video Game Casting Call: Who Should Play Your Favorite Character?

Josh from Controller Crusade writes "Let me be the first to say that I cannot stand film adaptations of video games. Nine times out of ten Hollywood scoops up the film rights for our favorite games and turns them into cinematic garbage; but we all know that as long as it makes money, they won’t stop. Since they probably will happen anyway, let’s play casting director and pick some potential candidates for our favorite video game characters."

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-Foxtrot1287d ago

Only person I couldn't get away with in a video game film adaptation is the Uncharted cast.

If Nolan, Emily and Richard don't play their roles on screen then it won't work.

Last of Us is different I don't know why but the actors for Uncharted are what make the games so fun.

I know he's old but I'd rather see Nolan on screen...even if he does look like a much older Nathan Drake, I suppose on screen it would give him more of an "average man" look not a muscular, toned, fit guy who you know is going to easily manage to fight people off.

Look of the incredible work Hollywood did to Jeff Bridges in Tron Legacy or Sarah Jessica Parker in almost everything.

DarkOcelet1287d ago

The problem will not be the cast, the problem will be the direction and the script. If they could nail those then it will be awesome.

-Foxtrot1287d ago

Doesn't give me much hope with the new director and the guy just recently announced who is doing the script/story...someone who has only done war/drama films

Why get someone like him to write an Action, adventure comedy. They are total opposites.

caseh1287d ago

The real problem will be the audience more than anything.

On the one hand you have fans of the game who are going to be very hard to please. On the other you have people who have no idea about the game, people like my better half who are more likely to be like 'WTF is Uncharted and do I give a toss that it's based on an award winning game'

thanhgee1287d ago

I don't care which character it is but someone please put Morgan Freeman in it.