Dragon Age Inquisition Early Access Now Available On Xbox One with EA Access

EA and Bioware have just released Dragon Age: Inquisition early access to EA Access members so you can get a taste of the final game

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Dlacy13g1412d ago

Dat EA Access... so not a good value. /s

caseh1412d ago

Yeah i'm so glad Sony saved me the hassle of having early access and a bunch of games to play for £20 a year.

I mean to say, it clearly doesn't represent good value for gamers. Paying £7 to rent a game for a few hours through PS Now does though.


Meltic1412d ago

Its coming too pc tomorrow in england

Spinal1412d ago

No it isn't. Where u see that?

Meltic1412d ago

On skidrows website ;)

blackout1412d ago

You have to be playing around right. There are like 6 games up for free, 10% discounts on all games plus early access ( 6 hr of gameplay). I bought the full year for only 30$. Please say your playing around.

Dlacy13g1412d ago

The key is in the "/s" ;-)

Torque_CS_Lewith1412d ago

The only way people will notice.

typittt691412d ago

Piss poor value for Playstation gamers. Mediocre at best.

iR_phantasm1412d ago

Yea Plus has gone to sht. When it launched it was full of games i had already purchased, now its just full of sht i wouldn't buy to begin with.

Ps4andxb11412d ago

EA access is the best £19.99 i ever spent.

PSN value for money doesn't even touch this.

freshslicepizza1412d ago

psn plus offers 2 games per month and get this, on 3 different platforms. that's 6 games per month. they are also offering shareplay features which is a nice bonus. i think both psn plus and ea access has its benefits.

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The story is too old to be commented.