Holiday Console Dilemma

Wess gives his opinion:

"As the holidays roll closer, I still have several friends and family members that have yet to upgrade to ps4 or xb1. And obviously, the most common question I get since I own both is, which console do you prefer and why?

Well at this point right now, PS4 is my primary gaming console. There isn’t just one reason why I have chose the PS4 as my primary console. The obvious reason would be that most games run at a native 1080p. I get that some are 60 fps and others are 30 fps but, just having them run at 1080p is an important factor. Secondly, I would say that the load times of games is much much quicker and smoother on ps4. For instance, I double dipped recently and bought Call of Duty Advanced Warfare on both consoles."

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Jaqen_Hghar1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

A man buys for exclusives and things not available on other consoles so unless you just coincidentally prefer the vast majority of the few Xbox exclusives over the vast majority of PS exclusives then the natural choice is PS4 as sales are showing. If that is the case for you then more power to you and a man hopes you have a great time! Also WiiU is fantastic so both PS4 and it deserve great sales but unfortunately WiiU isn't getting the sales it deserves :(

tinynuggins1413d ago

@ Jaqen_Hghar,
Does this list pull from Metacritic? Is that why it's inaccurate?

ThinkThink1413d ago

Yeah, I feel like this list is missing quite a bit. I've noticed that some multiplat retail games only show up on ps4 on metacritic and not xbox one. Not your fault obviously, but it makes the list not very accurate.