Feds Spent $10 Million on a Video Game About Escaping a Fat Town

The federal government has invested over $10 million developing and promoting a video game, called Escape from Diab, about a young teen that must escape a town full of fat people, as a method to fight obesity.

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uth111347d ago

I'm sure the online will work about as well as at launch. But remarkably that's still better than the online for some other recent games...

Snookies121347d ago

They sure know how to spend that money! /s

thorstein1346d ago

It should be free to play.

turdburgler10801346d ago

Sometimes I wonder if I just walked into a government building with the dumbest idea possible they would just give me trash bags stuffed with money with no responsibility to pay them back.

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The story is too old to be commented.