Controversial Game ‘Hatred’ Developer Interviewed

Mangotron interviews Jarosław Zieliński, developer of the controversial game 'Hatred.'

In Hatred, you play a mentally unstable person who goes out on a killing spree. The game has caused quite a stir ever since it was announced a month ago.

It's a short interview but quite an interesting read.

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XboxOneX1406d ago

This game is very sick and disturbing I am very upset about this and I hope this game NEVER comes out.

wynams1406d ago

would you rather live in an environment that FORBID CREATIVE FREEDOMS AND DID NOT ALLOW THESE TYPE OF GAMES TO BE MADE or let the free market decide?

As someone vehemently against censorship, I say let these guys make what they want ... I personally won't buy it as it does not appeal to me but I applaud their freedom to make whatever is inside their heads

lociefer1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

well i'm very excited for this game and i find that it looks FUN , something you dont see very often, and who are YOU to deny me experiencing this game ?

Activemessiah1406d ago

Games aren't worth getting "upset" over.... you're too vested emotionally in this.

blakstarz1406d ago

Why...everything this games has in it just paints the sicks phucks that live in America now.....all the racist, pedos, murderers...etc.

Its not like this is shocking stuff....look at the shit that is in the news everyday that goes on in this country. What's the problem here?

ChickeyCantor1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

Forbidding it is stupid. The game however is tasteless, imo.

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Fishy Fingers1406d ago

"5) Were you aware that the game may cause controversy?

Of course, it was part of the plan for the free marketing worldwide."

Refreshing honesty and you've got to say, the Internet fell for it.

1406d ago
Blank1406d ago

I felt it was too short, i wish more questions were asked. Like will the executions be dynamic? Or even game length. I hope it isnt some simple game that used controversy to sell.

Gore-Content1406d ago

Aren't they neo nazis, too?

Dark_Overlord1405d ago

Nope, one site falsely accused them of it and everywhere else ran with it. When the site in question was called out, they put a one line apology at the end of the article (that was barely noticable IMO).

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