Newly-Discovered Sonic Boom Jumping Glitch Lets You Skip Final Boss

Oh, poor Sonic. A Sonic Boom jumping glitch has been discovered, letting Knuckles bypass large chunks of the game by jumping infinitely many times.

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PSNintyGamer1406d ago

This Game is approaching Sonic 06 levels of bad.

Benjammin251406d ago

I really don't understand sega. They had a good thing going with Sonic Generations. I mean, it wasn't perfect but it was a good first step. And then they have to go and do this.

DiscoKid1406d ago

It's because it was developed by Big Red Button Entertainment who has very different ideas regarding a Sonic game apparently.

Eamon1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

Sega is no longer trying to innovate with the Sonic franchise. It's simply a case of using decades old business strategies such as focus groups and low-risk high-reward budgets.

This result is this. It'll get the sales from kids. It has all the marketing perks to attract parents looking to buy games for their children. This isn't supposed to appeal to the core gamer at all.

Lucifun1406d ago

That would be impressive in all the wrong ways.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1406d ago

it already did before launch but at least it wasn't Sonic Team again.

Th3o1406d ago

It's worse than 06, at least that was a multiplatform game! At least 06 was trying to base itself on one of the more successful Sonic games (Sonic adventure) this seems to be basing itself on Sonic Heroes (which was indeed a good game, but also a hit or miss game)

I honestly don't get why they don't just make it exactly like Sonic unleashed....without the werehog...or like Sonic Generations and continue either exapnding on old levels or creating the ones we havent' seen.

pcz1406d ago

Sonic colours is the best sonic game i have played since sonic adventure 1 on dreamcast.

i dont know why sega keep trying to reinvent sonic when they have a winning formula in the original megadrive games.

sonic colours didnt stray to far from that formula which is why it works. its just a sonic game.

sonic boom, however... looks atrocious.

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Relientk771406d ago

I'm eager to see the reviews for this game

Starbucks_Fan1406d ago

I feel really bad for anyone buying this game without knowing about the issues...

BosSSyndrome1406d ago


ZeekQuattro1406d ago

I see the money Nintendo paid for this game was well spent.... Very disappointed. I know this is a spin off but wtf is this?

Concertoine1406d ago

Did nintendo pay anything for this lol??

If they did, jeeeeesus.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

no they have no input. Sonic Lost Worlds did though.

ZeekQuattro1406d ago

Yes. This was part of the exclusive 3 Sonic games Nintendo paid Sega for.

Metallox1406d ago

Yes, they did. Nintendo paid to SEGA for three Sonic games in the platform. This one was in the deal. Nice, isn't it?

Concertoine1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

That's ridiculous. All three of the sonic games sucked. I mean Lost World was just mediocre but what a horrible investment. To date Lost World and M&S have sold barely anything. If they were going to partner with Sega they should've had one sonic game and the other two could be something like Phantasy Star or Jet Grind Radio or Shenmue which people have been clamoring for. That would've been huge in fact, and probably would sell better than mediocre Sonic game number umpteen.

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