The Halo Channel is the Greatest Evolution of Halo & Xbox Yet

Halo: The Master Chief Collection has officially dropped letting Halo fans the world over play all over games in the series on one disk. Alongside that disk every owner received a download code for a new project that 343 studios and Microsoft are starting called the Halo Channel. A new app that is meant to tie everything Halo related together in one place.

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TheBrit1407d ago

I downloaded the digital version of the Master Chief Collection and tried to run the first episode of Nightfall before and after downloading the halo channel app.

Each time I try to queue it up or just click to watch it keeps telling me to purchase halo mcc.

Anyone else having this problem?

Naga1407d ago

That sounds really strange. Maybe perform a hard reset on your Xbox. If that doesn't work, confirm in your bank (or Microsoft) account that you have been charged for the purchase. If you have, then call Microsoft, and they'll sort it out pretty quickly.

GodGinrai1407d ago


He wont be charged because its free. But yeah, he should prolly do a hard reset.

TheBrit1407d ago

definitely paid for as I have been playing the master chief collection, downloaded it a few days before release. Strange.

Naga1407d ago

Oh, gotcha. I didn't realize the MCC was fully functional on your end. That's super weird.

Cherchez La Ghost1407d ago

Episode 1 wasn't that bad at all.

TRD4L1fe1407d ago

not at all, relly interesting actually. always good to know the origins of a character

Naga1407d ago

Yeah. I didn't find it to be as compelling as, say, the first episode of Forward Unto Dawn, but I did find it intriguing (especially some of the Second Scene clips). Hopefully, they're going to build on this foundation and tell really a compelling story.

Because while it's a decent starting point, we really need the next couple of episodes to kick it into another gear. It will have to if it's going to do justice to it's Halo namesake.

Antwan3k1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

I like the app alot.. Looking forward to seeing what they continue to do with it

tgunzz1407d ago

Love the app, and watched the 1st episode last night, and was quite pleased. The app itself is great... Game on.