Is Bioware Working On Another Mass Effect Game?

If there is one thing Bioware has done perfectly it’s creating games with interesting character development. From “Mass Effect” to “Dragon Age”, they have delivered storylines that are compelling while giving the player the freedom to either be a good hero or a selfish hero. Between the two mentioned games, the interface and gameplay were also rather revolutionary in my opinion. Unfortunately “Mass Effect” had somewhat of a bad ending. The trilogy ended in such a way that the player didn’t want to stop playing. In other words, it ended bluntly.

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LightningMokey1346d ago

They... Already announced they were...

remixx1161346d ago

Ummmmm no sh*t............

BluFish1346d ago

I thought this was confirmed. Wasn't there a video not long ago of some music and concept art?

Even without that, there's no way they would leave the universe after MS3. What a silly article.

tablecloth1346d ago

Not officially announced as the next Mass Effect, but everyone knows it's pretty much in the works for at least over a year.

Agent_00_Revan1346d ago

No, its Official. They had a whole video at E3 showing off the early development process and announced it as "The Next Mass Effect".

tablecloth1346d ago

Ah yea, forgot all about that.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

Wow seriously?. How does anyone not know that they are hard at work on the next Mass Effect game?.

Edit: The author says in the article that they know that there is one in the works so what's with the title?. This is a click bait title.

Kingdomcome2471346d ago

I was under the impression that this has been confirmed for some time now. We just recently saw concept art, and learned that the Halo 4 writer was involved with the story.

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The story is too old to be commented.