Sony's Shuhei Yoshida Will Speak at DICE About 20 Years of PlayStation, First and Third Party & More

The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences announced today that Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida will speak at the 2015 D.I.C.E. Summit which will be held in Las Vegas between February 3rd and February 5th.

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darthv721406d ago

I am thankful for being an old school playstation gamer. the original playstation represented what is the most important aspect in gaming. 3rd party support.

It's sole success was thanks to the massive amounts of 3rd party support the system received. they did not have difficult contractual obligations to contend with. if a company wanted to make a game for the PS1...they made a game.

They sort of took that open nature from Sega (to a degree) because after the issues nintendo had with 3rd party lockout, most devs went with sega because sega welcomed the open market of game development. Sony took that one step further and capitalized on having a platform that wasnt going to shun away a game because it didnt fit into any particular genre. The games laid the ground work for all the different genres to come from since.

Many want to say it was the exclusives that made the platform so great, and I would agree but it was really their openness to pretty much any sort of development that paved the way for the modern "Playstation" era.

Happy birthday old friend. 20 years and counting.

Morgue1406d ago

Don't know why you disagrees on that statement. Nintendo/ SEGA was good but PlayStation brought gaming to a level that caught everyone by storm.

chrismichaels041406d ago

20 years of excellence. I'm proud to have been there from day #1. Through all the great years and the rocky times in between. I support PlayStation because they have earned my loyalty. Congrats to Sony on reaching this impressive milestone.

TheWatercooler1406d ago

I like watching this guy talk. He's like the yoda of videogames.

MajorGecko1406d ago

lets hope he says he bought server farms for PSN.

Abriael1406d ago

Sure. He picked up the wallet, went out to Akihabara, and came home with a bunch of servers. All by himself.

MajorGecko1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

i hope thats what hes doing with all that PSN money he gets every month.

im sorry your right abriael PSN is just fine it doesnt need to upgrade at all no servers are needed for the millions more ppl going to purchase ps4's this holiday season /s

BitbyDeath1406d ago

Booze and hookers don't just buy themselves

Azmatik1406d ago

PSN is fine whats there to complain about I mean they just even fixed the slow message loading now everythings instant

SoapShoes1406d ago

Can't I go into a Sony article without all of these trolls? Xbox trolls crawling all over this site.

ashen1221406d ago

ikr makes me want to troll back BUT i must stay above the influence persay

Inception1406d ago

Yeah, lately i've seen them out of the woodwork since Driveclub had issues and Sunset Overdrive received good reviews.

Rawrwrwr1406d ago

Anyone did download the get of my lawn? In the vita What is the size of it?

LightDiego1406d ago

Can't wait for it, a lot of history all these years with Playstation, i still miss Crash Bandicoot. =/

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