Home theatre projectors, a good idea for a Gamer?

Wololo reviews the pros and cons of Video projectors, and what features to pay attention to when choosing one for current generation's gaming needs

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DEEBO1409d ago

I had one before and it was cool but then my kids would touch the lens and the life of a projector is short compare to a tv.

Pros big picture but the cons are alot.

Utalkin2me1409d ago

First off, you obviously didn't have yours mounted or your kids wouldn't be touching it. Secondly in most cases a projector will last way longer then a TV. And if you do your research you can find a very nice projector for under 2k, then on top of that it needs proper adjusment, just like a tv.

There is very few cons owning a projector. The key thing is having space for one. Other then that, they are amazing to have.

medman1408d ago

The cons are cost and the need to have an environment where it can get really dark. Projectors aren't great in lit rooms. I love my projectors, but they're definitely not for everybody.

DEEBO1408d ago

Don't get me wrong i loved my projector, my screen was 120inch, short throw 3d,i still got my screen but no 3d games.

To be honest i want VR headsets more,one person experience but different.

SteamPowered1409d ago

I currently run an epson 5030 on 106" screen and it is amazing for gaming. Highly recommend if you have the space and money to purchase a projector. It's hard to beat that WOW factor when my friends are over. In fact my friend and I put on a few hours of MCC the other day. Having such a large screen makes split-screen coop a lot more manageable.
In conclusion, buy a projector.

WeAreLegion1409d ago

Totally agreed. Projectors are perfect for split-screen. I used to go to my friend's house for Halo 2 all the time. I may look into getting one for myself now. I just bought the MCC.

TedCruzsTaint1409d ago

Cool for lan parties, but I wouldn't want to use one on a regular basis.

cmac861409d ago

I had the same at home. The projector went bust a few weeks back and im looking into get a new one, Great for Fifa parties when all my mates come around. bit of competition doesn't hurt anyone.

dredgewalker1409d ago

The only time I hook up my console on a projector is when we have a huge fighting game fest at home with lots of friends.

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