Destiny – How to Beat This Week’s Nightfall Event With Ease (Nov 11th)

Another week in Destiny means a new Nightfall to indulge in and LzyGmrs have the guide to get you through the nimble and agile Askor the Archon Priest.

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EnzoLuca1371d ago

each strike seems to have its own deliberate safe zone. im happy with this but not sure why Bungie did this

Baka-akaB1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

I dont mind , those that want the challenge can do it the "normal" way instead .

Besides , it's can be a bit rewarding , when you find those safe places , on your own . Kinda like knowing the method for a megaman boss , without cheating with a faq

kneon1371d ago

I expect so that you can do it solo as I've had to do almost every week.

n4rc1371d ago

Same.. Gonna try this weeks with a buddy but have always soloed them..

Swiggins1371d ago

Gotta love the Nightfall strikes...except they keep giving me really bad drops...

7 Strange Coins...really?! REALLY?!

Thehyph1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

I got a lowly legendary class item engram. :(

martinezjesus19931371d ago

Ive done them 3 times, I've gotten 3 exotics :)

ReconHope1371d ago

I got a garbage legendary comedian shotgun that was solar damage.

JeffGUNZ1371d ago

Under the platform is the best way to go. The hardest part of this strike is killing all the captains before the preist comes out.

ipach1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

not sure why people prefer this location. the entrance hallway/platform area is much better, and much easier to re-enter after being revived. there's even a place up high on the far left which enables some pretty clear headshots without any incoming shots from the priest. too much risk falling off or getting pummeled upon respawn when trying to get back into that platform. and you rarely get good sightlines for headshots. and the guy sometimes goes on top of the platform further wasting your time.