Gear VR Officially Priced

VRFocus - After months of waiting, Samsung has finally revealed launch details for its Gear VR smartphone-based head-mounted display (HMD) today at the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) in San Francisco, California. The company confirmed that the kit would be launching in early December 2014. This appears to be limited to the US right now, with no word on when Gear VR might arrive in other territories though Oculus VR has said that it will keep fans in the loop. On top of all of that, the price for the kit has also been revealed.

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Kurisu1288d ago

Will be interesting to see how well this initially sells. I'm sure Sony will be keeping a close eye on this, to see how consumers are going to take to VR.

Freeball1288d ago

I don't think it's really comparable to the other main VR headsets. This seems much more niche than what Sony or Occulus Rift are going for. This runs off the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which already narrows the field of potential buyers.

bigpiece1288d ago

and sony's isnt? they kinda all are because its not like morpheus is gonna be available to people without ps4's.

lemoncake1288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )

This seems to be really over priced for what is essentially a piece of moulded plastic and a headband to hold your phone in front of your face, that is what this is right? or am I missing something?

Edit: Plus my phones always smell of butt so i dont know how close i want that thing to my nose.

ibrake4naps1288d ago

Quit using your phone as toilet paper then...

moomoo3191288d ago

You are missing something. The VR headset is a separate screen that is synced up to your phone, it doesnt just hold the phone in front of your eyes lol.

moomoo3191288d ago

So hundreds of dollars to play phone games in virtual reality?
and it only works with one phone?
Who is going to buy this?????

traumadisaster1288d ago

Did you read the article????

"developers and early adopters"

Plus me cause I like tech. I buy all consoles, move, Kinect, pc, its just fun stuff to tinker with...

moomoo3191288d ago

not everyone has the luxury to "tinker" with expensive equipment. This thing is so impractical and useless I dont understand how it got past the concept phase. Who in their right mind is really going to drop this kind of money so that they can wear a face mask and play phone games with a controller. I really dont get it from a business standpoint, its as useless as a $300 ass wiper.

user56695101288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )

if it was a sony phone boy would the comments look different. plus its going to be vr content not just games. this is good all around for more content to come out but some how if it isnt sony doing it look how the comments go. look at them^^^^

so the ton of people with note 4 is now nobody. i think its too much for me, but i am not going to preach when people always buy new tech and act like people dont spend close to 800 for a new cell phone. bluray players cost over 1000 when they first came out and stores seem to be sold out when it came out.

going by the comments we constantly see in other vr articles we better see nothing but hate and doubt when WHEN we finally see something from sony. which what we seen so far is nothing but a carbon copy of the Rift with less gfx

elninels1287d ago

You seem offended that people may want to make purchases that go against your sensibilities.

Also, $300 ass wiper is a wonderful way to describe the product of a teams hard work and execution.

traumadisaster1287d ago

Years ago I actually bought a "ass wiper" of sorts in thr grocery store, it dispensed wet wipes from a sealed plastic container that had an paper roll holder as well.

So yea, if a better ass wiper can be developed, do it, regardless if someone thinks it's too expensive. I guess moomoo would have been against tp when the norm was to use dried corn cob husks!

traumadisaster1287d ago

Stop using toilet paper and use dry corn cob husks's cheaper

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