Should Series: Should Black and White Dying Screens DIE This Gen?

SchollA at Console ControllUs - where the console controls us writes:

Continuing with the ‘Should Series‘, a series where I ask — from wide ranging topics such as a trend or approach Should it still exist moving forward in this current gen of gaming.

I felt this time I would attack the subject of how some Developers currently handle the main character (that you control) injuries or death. Read On.

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Revolt131371d ago

Developers have the right to choose how their game handles death screens...plain and simple

DoctorJones1371d ago

Should Series: Should we care about something so trivial?

Should Series: Should we write about something interesting instead?

Scholla1370d ago

Lmboooo I know it's quote unquote a little thing but sometimes little things are HUGE.

I'm talking Immersion, I'm talking creative ways to get rid of the HUD is that not up for discussion?