Mother 4 Delayed Until 2015, New Screenshots Unveiled

For all the Mother/Earthbound fans out there, there’s some news that you may not be quite happy about–fan project Mother 4 has been delayed until 2015. Looks like those who hoped to get their hands on the game this year have had their hopes SMAAAASHED!!

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gangsta_red1341d ago

Nintendo is going to pull out a Mother collection pack when Nintendo is in flames, on it's last dollar and backed into a serious corner with no way out.

Like FF7, this game is the most requested by all Nintendo and gamer fans. Nintendo refuses to budge because this is their ace in the hole.

GamingCurse1341d ago

I personally don't like these type of games

Kamikaze1351341d ago

Me either. I know the developers put a lot of work into them, but if it's not an official release, I find it hard to care for.

mydyingparadiselost1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

Very psyched about this game, I'm a huge Earthbound fan and this looks to take everything I love about it and expand on it.

Th4Freak1341d ago

Fan made huh? I'll pass.

crusf1341d ago

Should of added FAN-MADE Mother game delayed. Oh right ad revenue...

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