Ubisoft Assassinates Our Trust... Once More

Ubisoft has not exactly had the best time getting along with its customers lately.

Although things haven't collapsed yet, Ubisoft should be careful before it loses its position as a trusted publisher/developer.

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FromTheAshes1345d ago

"Assassin’s Creed games have had steady, increasing sales"...

Halfassins Greed: Monetary

When us gamers/consumers send these greedy publishers and developers a clear message we won't buy over-hyped and under-delivered trash...Then the gaming industry will go toward bigger and better things.

qwerty6761345d ago

idk, im playing hte game and enjoying it so far.

this is the first assassins creed game ive ever bought.

i haven't run into any game breaking bugs or glitches yet.

Meltic1345d ago

well be glad that you havent. Look this glitch

bradfh1345d ago

hanging himself with a invisible rope

geddesmond1345d ago

Far Cry 4 is all i give a crap about from them. Everything else they can shove up their....... We all knoe graphics is what got everyone talking about the division. We also all know that what they showed so far is not a true representation of that game giving their track record. If I read FC4 has any problems my purchase is gone.