Sony to Improve Storage Tech and Load Times on PlayStation Consoles; PS4 External Storage Coming?

Storage and the quickness at which data is passed to and from it is always a problem on consoles, especially since they come with relatively small and normally very slow hard drives (both the PS4 and the Xbox one have ponderous 5,400 RPM stock hard disk drives for instance), but apparently Sony is working to improve the situation on PlayStation Consoles, as revealed by a career opportunity ad seeking a Senior Software Engineer.

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uptownsoul1407d ago

External Storage…Faster loads…YES AND YES

darthv721407d ago

Ahh...i had a feeling they would do this. And why not...i mean if external support works for the wii-u and xb1 then it is only obvious they would jump in and make it work for the ps4.

External HDD: Add to > Replace = FTW!

bleedsoe9mm1407d ago

@darthv72 absoltely adding to the hd space not replacing existing is a much easier solution

darthv721407d ago

Im sure someone will figure out a way to do it but... you have a universal external drive. one that is connected to a hub that the 3 systems are hooked to (wii-u/xb1/ps4) and the drive is partitioned in such a way that each system can see their own partition of this external drive.

I could see myself building a 3 or 4 disc box (like the old RAID days) each one at least 1TB dedicated to each platform. the 4th drive being for my home DVR. that way all the drives are in one nice unit.

Army_of_Darkness1407d ago

External storage would be fantastic! Since I don't want to either keep on deleting games to make room or replacing my 1tb hdd for an even bigger one down the road.

inveni01406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

This would definitely bring me back to the digital download game. I was jaded when I had to return my PS4 for the disc eject issue, and though a tech told me I could save the hard drive, it's not actually possible. (At least not with a method the tech could share or I could find with Google.) I spent $70 in ISP usage fees trying to get just a fraction of my games back.

If I could store games on an external drive, I would be so freaking happy I just might pee.

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user56695101407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

wait so is good to buy stuff to get the best out of you so called cheap console. damn i thought this was a console not bootleg computer. whats next i cant play movies and music off the hard drive. these console are getting more like the pcs they hate.... wait these consoles are getting more like the broke pcs they love to bash. buying more parts, updates, bugs, installs, no games(irony a funny thing)

they say pc gamers are dumb for buying stuff for their pc, but goes on to talk about how they brought a hdd over a $100, usb card just to play music, and now want to buy an external hdd. all to install games??? dont yall hate installing games like pc now its cool. lmao. toooo funny

rivencleft1406d ago

Did you forget how to brain?

Merrill1407d ago

I have a 1tb 7200rpm hdd in my ps4, my load times are very good. Definitely much better than the stock drive.

lemoncake1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

External hardrive on the PS4 has to happen, I really love it on my X1 and since it is usb 3 it is much faster than the internal sata. I have so far resisted upgrading my ps4 hard drive because it just seems such a waste throwing the old one away.

nucky641407d ago

I couldn't agree more. I've wanted to swap out my stock ps4 drive, but hate the idea of it just being wasted. external storage would be a nice alternative.

RedDevils1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

Same here, I didn't jump on the bandwagon of wasting the stock hard drive just cause I want bigger HDD, but I always want to extend the storage. If this turn out to be true is exactly what I wanted

kingPoS1406d ago

Why not buy an enclosure for it. Poof! Instant external hdd. (after a reformat of course)

Gateway MT6706 2008

CrowbaitBob1406d ago

The silver lining to having that extra 500GB laying around is if your shiny new 1TB or 2TB tanks at some point you'll be able to swap in the factory HDD and keep playing.

rivencleft1406d ago

That's a very good idea.

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Rimeskeem1407d ago

Aw man. External storage would be sooo nice.

lfc_4eva1407d ago

I don't even want a PS4, but this would be a very nice addition for PS4 owners.

WickedLester1407d ago

"I don't even want a PS4..."


lfc_4eva1407d ago

Its not that I think the PS4 is a rubbish machine in any way. Its just I'm enjoying playing games back on my pc.

I don't have the time to game on multiple machines anymore and I've always been a tech nut, so building my own games pc was a logical step. Plus it doubles as my work pc. Albeit a work pc with way more power than MS Word will ever need ;-)

Codey471406d ago

"I don't even want a PS4..."


Maybe because that's his/her choice. Believe it or not some of the N4G lot still inherit free will and shouldn't have to justify their choice.

As a Sony Pony I would welcome External Hard Drive support..but I will not get my hopes up until something in the guise of an official announcement has been made.

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