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Having been delayed until early December, Ubisoft allowed select players access to a closed beta of The Crew. Analog Addiction was granted access and has broken down the core elements of the beta experience to give you a better idea of whether or not it's worth checking out at launch.

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Obamanationn1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

i own just about every racing game in the last 2 yrs , this one makes driveclub look like goty .. when it rains it pours for ubisoft , only praying this streak doesn't continue into Rainbow Six Seige and The Division's Hype

"My sentiments towards what I experienced in The Crew‘s beta can be best described as Grand Theft Auto IV without the ability to leave your vehicle or do any of the things that people love about the GTA series." - from article

TMARama1291d ago

Having gone from playing games like Forza Horizon 2, Forza 5, and Need for Speed Rivals in the past year to playing this beta, I felt like this was a slap to the face of the racing genre. I'm all for arcade racers, but the handling in this beta was absolutely horrendous.

I truly hope the game gets tweaked before launch, at least enough to prevent spinning out wildly any time your vehicle so much as grazes against something. At that point it wouldn't be as much of a chore to actually drive around.

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

'I truly hope the game gets tweaked before, at least enough to prevent spinning out wildly anytime your vehicle so much as grazes against something'

After reading the last part of your comment, it just gave me a idea of what i wanna ask the creative director of this game on twitter!
those controls are horrendous as ****, also the tuning in it feel like **** to! i maxed out the 370Z, skyline R34, challenger SRT8, 300C SRT8 and ford foucs RS with all gold parts and felt like they was still stock. So i'm hoping they get this cleaned up.
Other than that i like it, they just just need to get those areas polished.

rivencleft1290d ago

Playing the beta I felt like I was playing a last gen game for one, two I'm glad it wasn't just me that felt the vehicle control was horrible, kept saying I know I wasn't this bad in NFS Rivals or Burnout Paradise ha.

USMC_POLICE1291d ago

You guys clearly did not see the post on here how to make the handling like forza or nfs. Did you go into settings? There were so many options to change handling.

Dreadnort1291d ago

I'm inclined to agree with you about the handling. I also hope that they add more of those mini challenges throughout the map. At the moment they appear to be just in and around the immediate vicinity of the cities, fingers crossed that this was just for the purposes of the beta. If they want to encourage players to explore the whole map then they need to add some interest to the task.

Deathdeliverer1291d ago

The game was simply not fun to me. On paper it has everything right. It just was not executed well enough. Graphics look pretty poor and gritty, the player car spins out of control from the smallest bumps at times, and the upgrade system is confusing as hell to say the least. Co op missions are fun though. Where the hell is Houston Texas also

Catdawgg1291d ago

So many people complaining about bad handling. Are you all too stupid to go into the settings or did you just decide that you hated it right when you started playing? You can completely rework the controls to make it handle like a completely different game. This game is a lot of fun. Its like the new midnight club with a unique twist. Although the customization hasn't quite reached the depth of midnight club, it's the closest any arcade racer has come in a long time.

uth111291d ago

I've seen people make comments like "I installed the beta, and 8 minutes later I deleted it!" I don't think many have tried to adjust the controls.

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