Even Microsoft is Hyped for Super Smash Bros. Wii U

Microsoft’s Official YouTube Channel was showing off Halo 2 Anniversary, when I noticed that one of the employees was wearing a Smash Bros T-Shirt. You can see it at 0.25 into the video.

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aviator1891223d ago

Lol...well, super smash is pretty fun and competitive, so I'm not surprised.

darthv721223d ago

What you need is Phil Spencer and Kaz Hirai "settling it in smash"...that would be epic.

I'll play winner.

Magicite1223d ago

They dont consider Nintendo a rival.

denawayne1223d ago

MS and Nintendo should join forces.

Madock1223d ago

they tried to buy them before & nintendo laughed them out of the office
Then they designed thier consoles based off nintendo consoles ( yes, x360 was an amplified gamecube acc to the people who designed both and bought by microsoft, i don't have to mention RARE etc on software side

Loadedklip1222d ago

They honest are not rivals. Only Nintendo gets FULL or close to full third party support like Microsoft and Sony does ... they are just not in direct competition.

Huge Nintendo fan here but it's true.

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Blaze9291223d ago

lol who honestly approved this?

Rivitur1223d ago

Everyday is a slow day around here but damn do I love it.

PaleMoonDeath1223d ago

Breaking News: Sony employee caught looking at Xbox One products, public beheading demanded.

That wouldn't surprise me haha!

Spikeantestor1223d ago

Because...everyone is hyped for Smash Bros.?

Geekman1223d ago

-Melee elitists

-People who don't own/want a Wii U


-(If they exist) Brawl Elitists

That-Guy1223d ago

As a Melee elitist, I'm really looking forward to this Smash.

R00bot1223d ago

As a Brawl Elitist, I can confirm that there is no such thing as a Brawl Elitist.

Spikeantestor1223d ago

As of right now I have 8 agrees and 7 disagrees. Kinda surprised. Was under the impression that the people that were aware of the game were pretty unanimously hyped.


oSHINSAo1223d ago

they should add Ranked matches to SSBWiiU

wonderfulmonkeyman1223d ago

It's called For Glory mode, dude.
Check your global Smash power ranking.

cero551223d ago

Dam, its like im in multiplayer heaven between MCC and Smash Bros.

swice1223d ago

Yeah. And next year will be Halo 5 and Zelda U O_o
My feeble brain can't handle it

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The story is too old to be commented.