Dragon Ball Xenoverse: 10 Hour Single Player, Infinite Multiplayer

The story will focus on the Dragon Ball Z anime sagas, beginning at with the arrival of Raditz to the ending with Buu.

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tayz1221d ago

This will be the best DBZ game yet!

ZeekQuattro1221d ago

Pretty bold statement considering the game is not out yet. Of course the way DBZ games have been over the last few years it not hard for one to be the best yet. lmao

LightningMokey1221d ago

I played the BETA. It uad some rough edges but could easily take best DBZ game ever.

OmegaShen1221d ago

In less the controls change from the beta, no it won't be. But thats all they need to fix, that and just let us power to get are ki back.

Still like Budokai Tenkaichi's setup more then this.

exnoob1221d ago

You're talking as if you know what you are talking about. You can ki charge in this game. Don't comment on things you know nothing about.

OmegaShen1221d ago

Sure you can, doesn't make up for the bad controls children.

1221d ago
BitbyDeath1221d ago

Game just keeps getting better and better 10 hours long and only if you win all the fights is a long time for a fighting game.

Blaze9291221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

Man....they need to just release DBZ games with everything and everyone unlocked now. There will come a day where I can literally no longer stomach to play through the Saiyan Saga story again -_-

Deadpool6161221d ago

This game is different in the story department. You're going through the same Sagas...with a twist!

LightningMokey1221d ago

Its VERY difderwnt this time. You are a crested hero of 1 of 5 races and go through time helpinf (or hurting your favorite Z Fighters). Charactes are coming from GT (Which I admittedly don't care for...) as well as those from DragonBall Online. Super siked.