Alien Isolation Patch 1.1 Fixes Video Frame Rate On PS4/XB1; User Report Crashes On PS4

GearNuke: "If you are currently playing Alien Isolation on the PS4, it is best to wait until a fix is released."

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ThatEnglishDude1342d ago

"Alien: Isolation
We understand that Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players have been experiencing issues in-game with the playback of cutscenes. We have been working hard on identifying the issue and are now ready to release Patch 1.1 which should improve playback on both machines. Patch 1.1 is available now.

EDIT: We're aware that some people are experiencing problems with Patch 1.1 on PS4. We're looking into it now and hope to have an update shortly."

LMAO! How fail.

oODEADPOOLOo1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

I noticed framerate problems not only during cutscenes but also during gameplay, one time I got picked up by an angry joe and was being shaken and screen froze for a few seconds, kinda killed the immersion, but game is still fun so far. Still one of the best Alien games made to date.

MasterCornholio1342d ago

Dang it.


I was on the fence due to the cut scene issues. But now that they solved them they created an issue with the framerate during gameplay.

oODEADPOOLOo1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

Get it from best buy on black friday they will have it for $30 and you can still pick up the seasons pass for the price of full game. The frame rate issue I was talking about was before the update. I haven't played it in a while( into the early levels still), but I think it should be fixed, it still does not detract enough from the experience to not buy.

Edit: NVM I see what your talking about..

I still think it will be something patchable, BF is still the time to buy, just because price will shoot up after.

hollabox1342d ago

Picked up on the PC as part my brother's AMD R9 270 video card bundle. Game runs butter smooth, not played it in awhile after a ton of new games recently released, but probably will get back to it after winter break or wait until Oculus Rift becomes available in retail.

Mkai281342d ago

Well shoot, I already beat the game..

BABY-JEDI1342d ago

Amazing game, with the exception of the choppy cut scenes, but this was forgivable IMO due to overall quality