Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric Launch Trailer Makes Some Questionable Claims

Hardcore Gamer: Big Red Button made some lofty claims about Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric in a launch trailer released today.

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Sm00thNinja1130d ago

What are these questionable claims I didn't see anything unreasonable? Anyways my kid loooooves Sonic so I may pick this up on Wii U regardless

Angeljuice1130d ago

"perfect team", "biggest sonic adventure ever".

To be honest, I think the title is more click-bait than anything.

Sm00thNinja1130d ago

Super click bait. What is Sega supposed to say "Worst Sonic ever"? OR THIS GAME SUCKS you can beat it in 4 hrs? Maybe it is the biggest adventure? There's nothing suspect about these claims

Angeljuice1130d ago

That dialogue makes me want to vomit.

ritsuka6661130d ago

Man the hate for this game is out of hand.

Travis37081130d ago

It looks like crap but....I'll still get it later for cheap

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