PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne: Sony Promises Even Better Game after Delay; News Still Coming on the 20th

February is a little less crowded after today's delay of the upcoming PS4 exclusive Bloodborne by From Software, and Sony Computer Entertainment's Yasuhiro Kitao, who has been in charge of the promotion of the game in Japan since its announcement, commented on what you can expect.

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jhoward5851371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

I'm having such a hard time believing in the delay process.
Oh well, we'll see what happens....

Too many devs are using the delay rant to the point of boy cried wolf.

pwnsause_returns1371d ago

It's obvious why they delayed it, you can't just put 2 high profile AAA games on the same month early in the year, it could cannabalize sales.

jhoward5851371d ago

True that, but you know what hearing the word "delay" again has made me me feel like it jinks the game to fail.

Almost every game that's been delayed so far has failed. Hopefully, this isn't the case with BB.

Sir_Simba1371d ago

Your own titles shouldnt compete against each other, thats just idiotic
I'm not even pissed, means I will possibly be able to buy some collector's edition or something and more time with the other titles, (order 1886, witcher, dying light etc...)

turdburgler10801371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

If that's true then why would they have scheduled both games to be released in the same month in the first place? I'm excited for bloodborne but this is beginning to look like George R.R. Martin in south park. "Oh just you wait. The pizzas are coming. They're gonna be amazing!"

Xb1ps41371d ago

Ssoooo... Why peg them on the same date to begin with?

GameNameFame1371d ago

The Last Of US was delayed.

Army_of_Darkness1371d ago

Was totally expecting this delay... My question is, why did it take them so long to announce it? ... Anyhow, glad it's official cause now I won't have to choose between this and the order.

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spacedelete1371d ago

i think devs need to be punished for delaying a game like a massive fine. too many devs just use it as a marketing tool to make people think they are improving the game when in fact the game is still broken like Driveclub with a one year delay and the king of delays Duke Nukem Forever.

Inception1371d ago

What a load of bull. There's no such thing to use delay as a marketing tools. You just pull that theory out of your ass.

FYI, devs/pubs wants to release their games without any problem as fast as they can. If they make a delay than that means they must spent extra money for development & marketing. Not to mention there also a possibility for people who decided to choose other games because they didn't want to wait any longer, which means less profit.

Just remember what Shigeru Miyamoto said:
"A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad."

medman1371d ago

I don't agree with your assessment of fining developers, but some developers need to get their shite together when it comes to this stuff. Rocksteady announced Arkham Knight earlier this year with a fall release date and not even two months later followed that news up with a delay til June 2015. That made absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. Bloodborne doesn't bother me, it's ready when it's ready. But it does seem developers announce release dates with no real expectation of meeting them any more. Why not just give us release "windows"...give us a six month period when we can expect your game. Because giving specific dates when you can't meet them is just as pointless.

jukins1371d ago

on the other side you can end up with a game like assassins creed. a sloppy game across all platforms that stuck to its release date regardless of how shoddy the product was/is.

as for this game i think its more of a case of spreading out exclusives

Palitera1371d ago

Yes, they first release a fake release date.

Now we finally have the real one for this beast of a game!

Expect it to happen to most titles in the future. They're using it to make hype. Not so much in this case, but without a doubt they know that game that is coming in 6 months gets more attention than one coming in 15 months (until the actual release date).

Or what? Is it just a mere coincidence?

jhoward5851371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

I agree with you to a certain point because its only a one and a half month difference between the game release. Had it been like 6 months apart I would've support your theory.

However though, I will agree that the release date shifted was primary setup to insure that one game doesn't out shine the other.
1886 will be an amazing game, However, I don't
think the game play is going to be a huge improvement from the demo we saw a few months back.
So, its very likely they would spread both games apart.

Pikminmaniac1370d ago

At least it's just a month delay and not 6+

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TimeSkipLuffy1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

They should not hype the game too much. The longer the delay, the higher the expectation!

I think it is best just to show gamers whats the game about. Just simple and with no exaggeration. And then just let us know when it will be ready a month or two before it should go gold.

monkeyDzoro1371d ago

Oï. Oï.
What are you doing here ? Kick Doflamingo's ass for good already.

Inception1371d ago

"The longer the delay, the higher the expectation"

They only delay it for a month. You make it like they delay it for a year or more.

"I think it is best just to show gamers whats the game about. Just simple and with no exaggeration."

I don't know what are you talking about. From Soft / Sony already showed gamers what is Bloodborne and gamers themself who gave great response by playing gamescom / TGS demo and alpha. From Soft / Sony never hype the game to death.

Personally, i'm glad they want to delay Bloodborne for a month because they knew they can polish it more rather than choose the path of Ubisoft / EA to released games with tons of bugs / glitches even when they knew those games aren't complete.

gangsta_red1371d ago

I think we are all starting to realize that if a game is delayed doesn't automatically mean it's being delayed for the better.

PurpHerbison1371d ago

I still strongly believe that Bloodborne will be the best game to hit the new generation and will hold that title for a long time.

Palitera1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

Actually it means the opposite. It gets delayed when they have management problems (if their reasons are true).

xwilldemise1371d ago

Saw this coming from a mile away =\ SONY wouldn't think twice about releasing The Order & Bloodborne in the same month. Granted I would have rather had The Order delayed rather than Bloodborne. =\

Jughead34161371d ago

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little disappointed by this delay. You kinda get your hopes up when a release date is announced. But at the same time, I was wondering how my time and wallet would handle Bloodborne, The Order, and The Witcher 3 all in the same month. Not to mention Far Cry 4 that I'll be getting for Christmas.

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