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Matthew Ahern, GIZORAMA - "Lords of the Fallen is a game that will have you feeling emotions that range from the nervous apprehension of knowing that just around the corner could be your death, to the sweet euphoria of downing a boss that claimed your life several times over . Deck 13 has made it no secret that their title is inspired by the tough as nails RPG, Dark Souls, and seeks to do their own spin on the franchise’s trademark difficulty. After playing through this Dark Souls-like game, I can definitely feel their inspiration, but there is also a lot more in Lords of the Fallen to distinguish itself. The question is: Is what it does differently adding to the overall experience or making it a confused mess?"

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Joher1341d ago

I enjoy about next great review about this game. For me Lords of the Fallen is one of the best game on this year, RPG of course:) Good game and good score for it. I'm very glad I buy this game because I have a lot of good fun with it.