7th Gen vs 8th Gen - Aligned Sales Comparison - October 2014 Update

VGChartz Writes: "The 8th generation lead during the first eight months, but the 7th generation has lead every month since then. The gap shrunk slightly in the 11th month, but has grown in the latest month. The gap grew by 1,062,092 units.

The 7th generation handhelds in its first 12 months have sold 25.89 million units, while the 8th generation has sold 22.59 million units. The 7th generation currently leads by 3.30 million units.

7th Generation Total Combined Home Console Sales: 25,886,446

8th Generation Total Combined Home Console Sales: 22,589,244

Total Lead: 3,297,202 – 7th Generation

7th Generation Total Combined Handheld Sales: 79,777,408

8th Generation Total Combined Handheld Sales: 49,454,182

Total Lead: 30,323,226 – 7th Generation"

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CertifiedGamer1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

7th generation had the Wii which was really sold like pan cakes for Nintendo and due to that reason Nintendo is the only company doing worse this generation compared to its previous one but Sony and Microsoft are actually doing better than last gen. At the beginning of the last generation people still considered a blackberry a cool at the time. The two generations are incomparable to each other because things that were and were not available back then like it will be next generation if their even is one. As for comparing first year sale on PS4 against the PS3. PS4 won by a long shot.

mydyingparadiselost1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

While the situation between last gen and this one is definitely different the trend is still worrying, when graphs start resembling going down a mountain there's something to be concerned about.
With MS and Nintendo both failing with their early launches, along with the return of more mainstream PC gaming, these numbers make sense. Handhelds have suffered from smartphones and poor Vita sales. Still, these are not the trends you want to see after such a huge rush out of the gate after a near decade long generation. It shows that lots of people aren't willing to upgrade yet and it remains to be seen how long it takes for adoption to pick up, or if people even decide to buy new consoles at all.

GenericNameHere1343d ago

We're due for a console destined to sell worse than the Gamecube this generation. 7th gen was really healthy with a 100M selling Wii, and both PS3/X360 selling over 80M each. In fact, 7th gen had the most combined sales (260M+) ever in the past 7 generations so far. The 6th gen had 155M for the PS2, and less than 30M for both Xbox and GC, going under 210M. The PS4 is really healthy, and Xbone doing fine as well, but the Wii U is just a downer. As for the 3DS and Vita, the Vita is only slightly doing better than the Wii U, and the 3DS sure as heck won't even reach half the DS's sales.