10 Best Game Cinematic Trailers of 2014

JunkExplorer: Here is the list of 10 Best Game Cinematic Trailers of 2014.

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EguidEz1342d ago

i liked your post but The Division deserved #1

viccrack1342d ago

are u mad? im sure u havent seen AC Unity's cinematic trailer... AC Unity deserved 1st place... anyway good post though some good trailers are listed in this post

granddad1342d ago

i one hundred and ten percent agree with ya man, indeed Assassins creed unity's trailer is one of the bests ive seen this year

Daredavil1342d ago

MORTAL KOMBAT X will soon join my favorite list

TheMapleNerd1342d ago

What about Overwatch? That was a cinematic trailer!