Interview: Ethan Carter Composer Mikolai Stroinski | IndieHangover

An interview with Mikolai Stroinski, composer behind The Vanish of Ethan Carter. IndieHangover asks how he created an atmosphere of discomfort, his background in gaming, and music in indie development.

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kefkah1496d ago

Music makes or breaks immersion in a game. Seeing as this game is all about giving you that feeling of actually being in the game's world - good music is so important. The sampled music in the article certainly creates a mood just by listening to it.

Glad to see that aspect covered.

caution41495d ago

The music was spot on with this one... especially combined with the amazing environments

xseven1495d ago

One of the few games I had to buy the soundtrack for.

1495d ago
Wormwood1495d ago

Loved the discussion of how to make music creepy. Really interesting stuff!