Assassin's Creed Unity price already dropped on Xbox One with deal

The price for the Xbox One version of Assassin's Creed Unity has already been dropped to $50.89. The official art book and official strategy guides are also on sale.

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The93Sting1342d ago

It's because of how rushed and s##tty this pile of garbage is. first day in and there's a price drop already.

go watch total biscuit's video about AC:Unity. he says it all

SmielmaN1342d ago

I agree with your points, but I would add that a price drop this early is also indicative of poor sales.

shloobmm31342d ago

Im playing the game as we speak and although it has some quirks it is still one of the best looking games yet and is extremely fun to play especially in co-op.

SmielmaN1342d ago

I loved the last AC, but I am definitely waiting on this one. Just too much bad press. Maybe I'll try it after I'm done with bayonetta 2 and Destiny.

xwilldemise1342d ago

Wonder if I'll be able to find this for $40 on Black Friday somewhere for PS4. I rarely ever pay full price on games unless I truly really want them. This is one game I'm not willing to spend full price on.

RedDevils1342d ago

I don't even want to torrent to see this trash play like lol

yarbie10001342d ago

I get all the hate - the game def has more than its fair share of hiccups - popup textures and frame-rate issues at times.

The game was VERY ambitious - I will say this. I've seen very few games that are as detailed as AC Unity. Some areas look absolutely stunning. But you're quickly taken away from the world when you do encounter the popins and dropped frames.

I'm torn - I want to like it. If they can somehow patch it, I think it would be a great game. Unfortunately the game did release too soon.

It isn't close to being the worst game i've ever played however. Some are making it out to seem as if the entire game runs at 18fps - that simply isn't true

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