Game Changers: How The Last Of Us Changed Gaming

Matt Doria writes "The gaming landscape is ever changing, and with every new iteration of hardware (console or PC) comes with it new possibilities. While we’ve played some extraordinary games over the years, there are a few that stand tall among the rest as real Game Changers within the industry. In this series of articles AMH writers wanted to highlight a number of these games and discuss their impact and influence upon the industry. This is time we look at The Last of Us."

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3-4-51411d ago

Great game but it didn't change gaming.

Super Mario 64.....THAT changed gaming.

Goldeneye 64......that changed gaming..

Stuff like that...

insomnium21411d ago

I play TLOU online almost every day. All I get during the weeks is a one hour or so per day to play games so I'm using it wisely and playing the best game there is LOL.

I started again on PS4 and the online is smoother on 60fps. I love this game. It's up there with MW1 as online games that got me hooked so bad and the single player is the best game I have ever played. I just can't get enough of this game. Everything else gaming wise is on hold because of it.

Army_of_Darkness1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Considering how TLOU hit a grand slam on all 3 categories (graphics, story, gameplay) I would think that's quite the accomplishment and personally a game changer for me, since you don't see much games succeed in that sense.

miyamoto1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Dude, those games were from the 1990's. I consider Street Fighter II and Sonic the Hedgehog great game changers too. But gaming has evolved so much two decades later. We have game changers nowadays too on different terms.

Naughty Dog has created game changing games one after the other. From Crash to Jack & Daxter to Uncharted to TLOU.

I remember E3 2010 was a homage to how Uncharted 2 changed how AAA game development in terms of storytelling, level design, set pieces, voice acting, action sequences, sound, animation, character design and development, script, dialogue, even humor.

The big change will always be on how filmmakers in Hollywood change their perception of how games are evolving rapidly as a phenomenal medium of storytelling entertainment. The Hollywood press comparing TLOU to great literary and film masterpieces means the immense impact and change it made inside and outside the gaming industry.

Those can be behind the scenes changes but they are no doubt game changers.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

I've played it on survivor mode 7 times already. After I beat Shadow Warrior i'm gonna play it again. I can only describe this game as "One of the most amazing moments I have experienced in my 25 years of gaming."

BitbyDeath1411d ago

I just got the trophy for completing grounded twice the other day.

medman1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

I completed survivor multiple times on ps3, and have been working my way through grounded mode on's not as tough as I thought it would be. I always saved my supplies and tried to dead enemies with bricks, pipes, planks etc. and choked out human enemies with stealth, so even on grounded mode I seem to have plenty of ammo/molotovs/whatever for the tougher areas. This ammo/supply conservation has led to deaths in some areas most people probably wouldn't normally die because they would let off with the shotgun and be done with it, but it works for me. I forgot how scary some sections of that game are, especially now that I listen through the gold wireless headset and not 5.1 surround system that isn't cranked up during my sessions due to my being considerate to others regarding the noise.

Ezz20131411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

played it 6 times now (Hard+/Survival+)
and because the gameplay not the story
and have yet to play grounded mode Sp and the Dlc
i'm saving that for another time

i wish i could just take it out of my memory so i can play it again for the first time

mediate-this1411d ago

I think this game is over hyped, I see lots love it and that's good but I couldn't even finish it.

So it's not the end all be all for me, I bought it on ps3 I couldn't play it, then bought remaster on ps4 got a little further and lost interest.

It may be amazing to alot of people but to me, it's nothing special.

SmokingMonkey1411d ago

I used to work at a Gstop and the only people who disliked TLOU

Loved Mass Effect.

Let me guess; You loved Mass Effect.

mediate-this1411d ago

Did not get into mass effect, loved uc3 and skyrim. I'm not sure why I didn't like tlou.

spacedelete1411d ago

your comment is so typical. just because you don't like it you brand the game overrated even though you didn't even finish it. the game to me is the only good story in any game i've played. then theres the factions mode which is worth the money alone and has plenty of gameplay for those who claim its just interactive movie. maybe a dudebro game like FIFA would suit you more.

ufo8mycat1411d ago

mediate-this you just have shitty taste in games that is all, doesn't mean its over-hyped.

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SmokingMonkey1411d ago

Best Game Ever

Great Online-check

GOTY awards-many

WildArmed1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

I think the highlight for this game was Winter for me. That part made this game worth playing.

Just when I had gotten into the swing of things (rinse and repeat), they did winter. Such a nice change of pace.

I can see why so many people love the game. Definitely worth a play.

I think for me, the game really shined in two places: MP and Winter. I think I was like WHEN IS THIS GOING TO END for most of the other parts of the single player.

MP was really fun when playing with buddiies. So much fun flanking and such .

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