Prelude to Dragon Age Inquisition: The Tapestry and Dragon Age The Last Court

Technology Tell writes, "As I went through the Tapestry I was reminded of just how vast Dragon Age Origins was, as well as how selective my memory is. I remembered the big stuff: who I romanced, who killed the archdemon, who I recruited. Other things I had forgotten entirely, and I had to try to put myself back in the mindset of the 2009-model Eric and guess what that rascal would’ve done. I don’t remember if I chose Harrowmont or Bhelen to rule the dwarven kingdom of Orzammar, though I remember not liking either of them. I didn’t even remember Alistair had a half-sister Goldanna, let alone whether I helped him find her or not. The urn of sacred ashes, the arl of Redcliffe, so much of it is a blur, not to mention all the DLC. There were so many decisions effecting so many characters that I have a hard time believing many of them will have any real ramifications in the world of Dragon Age: Inquisition, though that may just be Dragon Age II talking."

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