Pre-load GTA5 on Xbox One, get $1 million in-game cash

If you plan on upgrading to the Xbox One version of Grand Theft Auto 5, you've got a hefty 42.44 GB download to look forward to.

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RG_Dubz1287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

$1.3 million, that's how much you got on PS4 if you had pre-ordered before 10/3/2014 ($800,000 for online, $500,000 offline) Now it's only $1 million ($500,000 online, $500,000 offline) on PS4 as well.

Randostar1287d ago

Actually it was 1.5 mil if your pre-ordered before the 4th. Now its 1.3 mill if you order before the 17th .

Rock-Lee1287d ago

Actually both no...

It was 1.3 mil if you pre-ordered before 4th, 1.15 mil if you pre-order before 17th.

Source: I actually have pre-ordered before 4th

A2X_1287d ago

I'd rather that million online only. It's a lot more rewarding to start the single player at 0.

Travis37081287d ago

Not being a fanboy but.... what is the exclusive deal on PS then?

starrman19851287d ago

I was wondering the same!


I think it's the same across both?

starrman19851287d ago

I think the exclusive dual shock features and the additional 300k/150k for the PSN pre-orders might be the only exclusive stuff we'll see!

rivencleft1287d ago

The extra $1,000,000 is great and all but I really don't care about that, just can't wait to play this again now in 1080p 30fps and awesome first person view! It's going to be even better the 2nd time around!

ovnipc1287d ago

Keep your 300k extra Im getting this on the Xbox where most of my friends are.