I’ve Already Maxed out My Xbox One’s Storage, and That’s a Problem

GeekParty's Jake Valentine: "It’s been nearly 12 months since the Xbox One hit the market, and I’m already out of hard drive space.

This isn’t a good thing, especially since Microsoft has been pushing its digital marketplace since day one. Right now, unless we pick up a brand new console with a bigger hard drive, we’re going to play a game of installation roulette."

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Neonridr1410d ago

likewise on my PS4. Had to delete a game to install Alien Isolation. Will have to delete something else next week when I get GTA V. Problem is I haven't beaten most of my PS4 games, so hence why I haven't deleted them.

ghettosmurf1410d ago

I expect GTA5 to almost max me out next week, and similar to you I've got too many games I haven't beaten yet, mostly of the free PS+ variety. At least it's winter now!

darthv721410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

"Right now, unless we pick up a brand new console with a bigger hard drive, we’re going to play a game of installation roulette."

Get an external...

"Sure, there are options for external storage devices, but should that really be the norm of this console generation?"

Yes. Wii-U supports it. XB1 supports it. My home DVR supports it and i'm betting sony will support it too. they have already shown an external can work for music (and perhaps video) so why not games???

"For every tech-savvy gamer out there that knows what they’re doing with external storage and hard drive space,"

It doesn't take a "tech-savvy" person to plug in an external hdd. They pretty much are plug and play. My wife could do it. But if the option was to replace the internal HDD with another one...not a chance (sorry honey).

"we have dozens of people who just want to put a disc into the console and press play."

And as for that last part...both MS and Sony had the ability to make the games play from the disc but they both had 'other' ideas in mind which leads to the installation conundrum.


I should smack you for being so logical and making so much damn sense.

mikeslemonade1410d ago

That's why finish your games.. And get the physical copy.

If you are complaining that you have to buy a HDD for PS4 then save up and buy physical copies. As for X1 it is an issue because the installs take a very long time. It's not hard to finish one game and move on to the next. I would be with even a 200GB HDD with my gaming habit.

The only games I play year-round is Madden and NBA 2K. Everything else I delete after I complete.

Spotie1409d ago

" but should that really be the norm of this console generation?"

Hell no. I shouldn't need an extra device to play my games. There's already far too many things plugged into most entertainment centers, anyway. I'm just imagining if I had my PS3 and SNES hooked up, too(just PS2, PS4, a printer, and TV right now; I don't even have cable yet).

What should be standard is what was already available last gen: larger internal HDDs with the option to expand to whatever size you like.

darthv721409d ago

@spotie... it looks like sony is going to be doing the same thing as nintendo and MS. So clear some room in that entertainment center for an external hdd

4Sh0w1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

I've learned in life if you choose to you can always find something to complain about but life is soooooo much better when you pick your battles.

You see things are constantly changing, we may all want gaming to remain static so we can play our games the same way we did 10 years ago but manufacturers, publishers and devs are going to continue pushing on the digital side due to the ever increasing economics of game development costs, yet gamers still pay $60 like last gen and continue to turn up their nose at any new IP that isn't trying technically outdo what's come before. Gamers imo are the most entitled consumers ever.

A console is like any other investment, you know going in that there are just associated costs that come with buying the device. If you can afford to buy enough games to fill up your HDD, then just buy a external. I mean what was he expecting infinite storage? You can find a very large external for relatively cheap price or you could just continue complaining about something that's not going to change because most people don't find it worth complaining about.

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badboyz091410d ago

Black Friday upgrade to a 2tb Hdd on PS4 for as low as $60!

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1410d ago

Why is anyone waiting til the last minute to buy an external HDD or an internal HDD? Both consoles support some sort of upgrade and it really doesn't cost much for a 1 to 2 TB HDD. I upgraded my HDD to 1TB 6 months ago. The PS4 500GB HDD was used to replace the 160GB HDD in my PS3. Win win all around.

Volkama1410d ago

I'm holding off on my ps4 upgrade because solid state prices are still on a downward trend, and I think a 1TB SSD will be the right option for me about a year from now.

jspsc1231409d ago

when the ps4 came out i had over 100 disk games for the ps3. i already have 13 disk games for the ps4 + all of the ps+ the new year i will have around 17. i have already ran out of space. by the time the ps5 is out a 2tb hd just isnt going to do it.

blakstarz1410d ago

But you can replace the PS4 drive in there from the get go. I have a 1TB drive I ordered but I haven't maxed out the space on my PS4 yet.

But you don't have to worry about maxing it out because it can be swapped out which is a plus over the XB1.

darthv721410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

All of them have their conveniences. However upgrading the XB1 hdd could be seen as adding to the existing space as opposed to replacing it (like on PS4).

Seeing as upgrading the PS4 drive is like the PS3 then it is a tad (just a tad) more convoluted. you have to ensure you have a backup hdd that is equal to the used space of the console hdd. then you swap out the internal for a bigger internal and then proceed with a restore.

On the XB1 you just ...plug it in and bingo. you now have more space. it was like that with the wii-u as well.

All 3 have some sort of hdd capacity expansion.

mhunterjr1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

I think swapping it out is less convenient than buying an external. If you ps4 HDD is full and you swap it out, you have to reinstall everything into the new drive. And you are left with a spare 500gb hdd that you can no longer use for your games.

With xbox's solution, you are adding space to your existing capacity, and you can easily move game data between hdds

Nodoze1409d ago

You also have wires and a hard drive next to your console. Clutter. I would rather trade out internal on purchase.

DigitalRaptor1409d ago

Yeah but the install times on PS4 are SO quick.

You can just delete the game install data, keep your saves and then just re-install if you wish to play it.

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JCOLE131951410d ago

Then get an external hard drive. No one here was expecting a 500 GB hard drive to last an entire generation. You can also uninstall games that you don't play anymore and your save data wont get deleted so you can reinstall anytime.

vega2751410d ago

What you say makes sense. But what I've leard over the years is common sense isn't common. Why would this be a problem for MS or Sony because you ran out of HDD space. Especially when MS solved that problem in June. Buy a external hard drive would have been hard so make it easier on the author he said you would have to buy a new console with a bigger hard drive. Yeah..........okay

Mikelarry1410d ago

Lol i read that bit of him saying he has to buy a new console to solve the hard drive issues and stopped reading from there. MS made a big splash about the benefits of this when the update released for some games journo to come out and say something like that.... Im done

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )


'Pro xb1- plug-in external hd
Con ps4- Taking it apart and throwing away a 500gb
sony should be put out of the external hd support. problem solved,
even steven' *rolls eyes*

jrshankill1409d ago

Yeah, I think the author here is a bit of a dimwit.

"Right now, unless we pick up a brand new console with a bigger hard drive, we’re going to play a game of installation roulette."

Ugh, pick up a HDD. You can double the HDD for cheaper than a game. Or get 2tb for $69.99.

Chanogram1410d ago

These articles are stupid. Xbox one allows for ANY USB 3.0 external drive to be used, in addition to the internal drive. Plug it in and go.

PS4 allows for a swap of the internal drive.

Both have their pros and cons. Point is that both consoles give you options and pretty simple solutions to your "problem". Seems like another half-assed attempt at taking shots at next gen consoles (specifically the X1 this time).

500GB isnt enough, i agree. But what did you want them to do? Put in a 4tb drive? I have a 2tb external and i'm already at 50% full. I'd rather have the FLEXIBILITY to do what i want with storage, than have the console be another 100 dollars for an extra 2tb of data storage. I'll handle that part on my own, thanks.

bleedsoe9mm1410d ago

pro xb1 - plug in external hd
con - ps4 - taking it appart and throwing away a 500gb hd

DigitalRaptor1409d ago

Pro PS4 - Install times are super quick.
Con XB1 - Install times are super slow.

bleedsoe9mm1409d ago

@DigitalRaptor sony should put out external hd support , problem solved even steven .
ps4 install times are slightly faster but not by such a margin that its a big deal

DigitalRaptor1404d ago (Edited 1404d ago )


Get real. Xbone game installs are ridiculously long compared to PS4 which is consistently quick across most titles. People have been complaining since launch and it cannot be ignored. I remember when PS3 was bagged on for its mandatory installs that took between 10 minutes and over half and hour, compared to the pretty instant 360, and now you're acting like the installs on Xbone are negligible? FAR from it. They take about as long as the PS3's installs did and in many cases, much longer. More evidence, just go to YouTube.

The evidence of Xbone being created as a multimedia box first, and gaming console second is racking up.

Walker1410d ago

Doese it really matter ?

ScorpiusX1410d ago

How is it if you are allowed to use external hard drives of up to 16 TB. Running out out of rooms sounds weird.