Ubisoft Addresses Assassin's Creed Unity PC Issues

Publisher says poor graphics performance comes down to hiccup with some AMD CPU and GPU configurations.

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Rimgal1285d ago

"slow clap", Ubisoft everyone, the EA of Europe

seanpitt231285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

Yes ubishaft is getting a bad reputation and it all started with watchdogs. They have so many people working on their games and they just cannot get it right must have a bad management team.

kainslayer1285d ago

actually it started with far cry 3 e3 video to retail reallity blunder

Mr Pumblechook1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

Have Ubisoft addressed the PS4 900p 20fps issues?

BVFTW1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

And AC3 glitchfest, most of those bugs weren't squashed and remain to this day.

BVFTW1285d ago

And AC3 glitchfest, most of those bugs weren't squashed and remain to this day.

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starchild1285d ago

I think people are overreacting, as usual. The game runs fine for me on my PC and it's probably the best looking game I've yet played.

For a while I thought that the console versions must be truly horrible for these people to hate on the game so much, but now I've talked to several friends--two of which own PS4s and one who owns an Xbox One--and none of them said the game ran horribly. They said it had some slowdown in places, but that it didn't really bother them, and they all said the game looked beautiful on their consoles.

I know, my experience is my own, but I also see quite a few reviewers who gave the game 8s or 9s and those people also seemed to enjoy the game just fine.

All I know for certain is that the game is NOT a broken mess on my PC, not even close. I have a solid framerate and the game is stunning to look at. It has been a great experience so far.

1285d ago
pumpactionpimp1285d ago

He said he was getting a "solid frame rate". He did neglect to mention what the frame rate was.

He does however seem to be very happy with his solid 15fps, unless hes running some sort of supercomputer.

I'm primarily a pc gamer, and have a computer with similar specs. I wont even bother getting it when the minimum requirements are so high, and the recommended are that outrageous. Ubi seems to think that they've created some sort of technical masterpiece, and i should run out and spend another $1000 on my pc to play it at recommended settings. Well thats just not happening.

Twignberries1285d ago

Overreacting?.. Ha! I think not!
Not trying to boast (well kinda) but these are my specs:
i7 3930k
quadfire r9 295x2
32 gb ram

And let me say, it is running like POOP at 4k, in fact even if I bump the settings AND res down to 1080 it still stutters like crazy. And this is a machine that runs everything I've thrown at it, at maxed settings in most cases, at 4k, and at an average of 60fps so don't tell me it's not a broken mess, because it definitely is.

If Ubi don't fix these issues soon, i'll be demanding my cash back post haste!

MitchellK1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

So is the 20fps and countless glitches on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One due to "Hiccups with certain AMD Cpu and Gpu Configurations"?

/s <---- @Dudebro, happy now?

MitchellK1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

what? learn to understand obvious sarcasm. guess you need a /s at the end because it isn't obvious enough for you.

mark3214uk1285d ago

teach them a lesson Dont buy the game, money talks

Xavior_Reigns1285d ago

I just came from my local walmart, the PS4 & XB1 have A LOT of copies just sitting there, made me smile.

hello121285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

You think Sony would be happy with Ubisoft gimping the PS4 version. You should take something from Sony's silence that Ubisoft did the best they could with this game. If anything they were overambitious with this game. Releasing the game with bugs and low frame rate are genuine issues, but like i said Ubisoft felt it was worth it for their own reasons. I think they should have scaled back a bit to get a more solid 30fps on both consoles.

To be honest graphics wise most reviewers said it was next gen a step up from the last AC. So i wouldn't knock down for that. To be honest the only people to blame here are Microsoft and Sony. Why choose a CPU running a very low clock, in hindsight it looks like a wrong decision.

[email protected] CPU's are a big deal. I had a Nivida 660gtx comparable to the PS4 gpu and i had a lower clocked CPU 2.4ghz inside my computer and frame rate was bad when i tried to run current next gen games.

I went a bought a new computer with i74790k CPU 4.2ghz and gtx770 and its night and day compared to what i had before. Frame rates are solid 60 no problem. I was hitting low 20's with some games on my last computer.

Deividas1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

I call bull on this entirely. I know a couple people that have a GTX 770 (was gonna get one myself at one point but now gonna get a 970) and they cant come close to reaching 60fps. They average about 28fps on Ultra High and get barely 50fps average on Medium settings. Thats bull you get solid 60fps no problem.

starchild1285d ago

The game runs well on my GTX 770 when I cap the framerate at 30fps using "half refresh rate vsync" in nvidia inspector. I knew this game was going to be demanding just looking at the graphics tech used in the game. It's going to be basically the same thing with games like The Witcher 3 or Batman Arkham Knight in order to run them at max settings.

Unity just gets the heat because it is one of the first fully current gen games, not a cross-gen game. Plus it's an open world game, which are always more demanding. All the cross-gen games this gen gave people a false sense of what to expect this generation. I predict that most of the more graphically demanding games this generation will be in the same ballpark as Unity in terms of hardware demands.

However, I do agree that on fixed hardware such as the consoles they should have not been so ambitious, and they should have pared back the graphics as needed in order to get a stable 30fps.

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