EA’s Origin Has Great Customer Service

GeekParty's Tim Evans has spotted what amounts to a gaming unicorn of sorts: a decent experience with EA's Origin service.

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Deividas1412d ago

Yea, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

NarooN1412d ago

I've actually seen on more than one occasion where EA Customer Service would give people a free game as compensation for something that went wrong on EA's end. And not shovelware, either.

I guess the EA bigwigs give some of the other guys in the various divisions a bad name unfairly.

WeAreLegion1412d ago

They actually do. The Origin team is full of super nice people.

LAWSON721412d ago

Yes they do, my account got hacked and someone spent like a couple hundred dollars and they refunded very fast with no problems.

instantstupor1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

My two cents. They are nice, but incompetent.

I've had an issue for over a year where Origin will refuse to connect to the servers. It'll boot up and then fail to connect. No matter what I try with port openings and the like, FAQ's and of course, time spent with CS. They had no answer and offered me a 15% off coupon for my trouble. Which I thought was a nice gesture...but ultimately useless when you can't fix my issue so I can connect to the Origin store in the first place! lol

Volkama1412d ago

That's pretty good service to be honest. Origin doesn't appear to be at fault there (unless it's an account issue and you can't connect from other locations either?). You are not paying for technical support for your home network so there isn't really much they can do for you besides a nice gesture...

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