Will Microsoft Ruin Minecraft?

Prior to joining the esteemed ranks of gaming journalism, I didn't pay much attention to any company acquisition in the industry.

As far as I was concerned, games were developed, released, and I played them — that's all I needed to know. But as the gaming community grows larger and game developers earn rockstar-like reputations, the studio acquisitions that were once seemingly unimportant have become relevant to gamers worldwide.

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pixelsword1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Hard to say:

If you think they ruined multiplayer for consoles by charging for PC gameplay, and they turn around and charge people to play minecraft, then they will probably ruin it on that point alone.

If you think giving them money for no reason at all or for some dubious reason like "better online stability" or something like that, then they can only make it better for you... somehow.

gangsta_red1413d ago


They know they have a billion dollar franchise on their hands that is played by billions of people. Especially children, if anything they will keep it on the same track and just add and expand it's already impressive reach.

I can see a part 2 going in the direction of some of these other types of voxel like games and that is space.

TekKing1413d ago

Yes. It's what they do. Just look at Rare.

Pogmathoin1413d ago

Yes, the talent had left Rare already.... Fanboys ruin gaming... Fanboys persecute developers, fanboys whine whine whine...

NeoGamer2321413d ago

I think that their approach for Minecraft has a bunch of different forks.

First, I think that they will work to make the game the same on all platforms.

Second, I think that once they do that they will integrate the online part of Minecraft into XBL and bring the XBL cross platform.

Third, I think they will continue to sell Minecraft very cheaply because it will be the model game for their cross platform XBL ambitions.

Fourth, they will try to make Minecraft into what the community is asking for.

Of the four, I am most concerned about what the community wants Minecraft to become. One of my favourite games of all time was the original SimCity. It was a lot like Minecraft. Its simplicity led to great and wonderful games. But SimCity in my view has gotten overly complex now and lost that simplicity. I hope the same does not happen to Minecraft.

Nodoze1413d ago

It is a certainty! They destroyed Ensemble, Rare, Lionhead, Fasa...etc etc what makes ANYONE think this will be any different?