GTA V Singleplayer DLC Inbound?

Rumour has it a Rockstar representative has spoken out about a singleplayer DLC, comparable to GTA IV's the Lost and Damned or the Ballad of Gay Tony, for GTA V.

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Massacred1194d ago

This would be EXACTLY what I have been looking for. An expansion.

martinezjesus19931194d ago

If only it was included or HEAVILY discounted with the PS4/Xbox One version. Then me and my friends would be willing to shell out 60 bucks

RG_Dubz1194d ago

Not interested in single player anything for GTA V.

GTA Online DLC or GTFO.

Psychotica1194d ago

GTA V single player > GTA Online crap..

RG_Dubz1194d ago

Whatever you have to tell yourself to make you feel better.. Some of us actually have friends and prefer to play with them online, maybe one day you'll know what that's like.

RioKing1192d ago

"Some of us actually have friends and prefer to play with them online"

Thanks for the free lolz

Psychotica1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

Some of us have jobs and aren't 12 years old either.. tell me all about your big adult responsibilities..

RG_Dubz1194d ago

Is that your excuse for being friendless?

Tis a sad day to be you.

Psychotica1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

Who said anything about being friendless, you're just being presumptuous. I have people who live in the same house as me that play games if I wanted to play with them and I have many friends on my Xbox Live account.

Spinal1194d ago

Lol both of you arguing. Whats wrong with just liking both?

GTA 5 singleplayer is the First time ive completed a GTA singleplayer and it was amazingly fun didnt want it to end so i welcome any DLC.

GTA online is also a dream come true compared to GTA 4 online which had crappy shooting and driving mechanics. GTA 5 i enjoyed missions and claiming bounties off people in town it was amazing. But i wanted Heists to come cause they were fantastic in singleplayer. Hopefully with the new gen we get heists and some DLC for singleplayer also.

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RosweeSon1194d ago

If it's half as good as Ballard of gay tony and lost and the damned... Sold!

Games4ever1194d ago

Singleplayer is my only interest in games. Not just this game, but in all games.

Dan501194d ago

Single player and story mode CO OP for me! :D Single player but with a friend!

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The story is too old to be commented.