The Big Bad Embargo: Just what is it anyway?

TotalBiscuit talks review embargoes. What are they? What is their purpose? Are they anti-consumer? What can we do about them or indeed, should we do anything?

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MousenJoypad1406d ago

It is not strictly true about them not handing out Rogue review copies, while we received Unity last we, we did get a copy of Rogue on Monday which had an embargo time set for the exact same time as Unity. So receiving it on Monday with an embargo set for Tuesday is not ideal but we will still get the review out before the UK launch on Friday.

No_Limit1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

What is it anyways?

The bad embargo:
See Destiny, Driveclub, and AC Unity. All those games have something to hide and had embargo to hide it before launch launch.

The good embargo:
See Forza Horizon 2, COD AW, Sunset Overdrive, and Dragon Age: Inquisition. [got great reviews even when embargo are lifted a few days or even a week before launch]

I got suckered in with the Destiny hype and pre order it without looking or have concern for the late embargo.

So lesson learn. Always be cautious with games with late embargo.

DefenderOfDoom21405d ago

DESTINY is a online MMO FPS . You still would have had to wait a couple weeks for true review , with the reviewer playing with the public also playing DESTINY .

Just like TOTALBISCUIT said . Why buy or pre-order a game just because a TRAILER looks good.
The last 2 games i bought on day 1 , was WOLFENSTEIN NEW ORDER , which i thought was fabulous .
And DESTINY , because i had great time with the beta .

If there is any doubt that the consumer has with new game coming out. Then the consumer should wait a couple weeks after the game , is released , before purchasing the game.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

I'm not ordering any game that has a review embargo. Any game that I have pre-ordered and it gets a review embargo, PRE-ORDER CANCELLED!!! We can't let these people get away with selling stuff that doesn't work. Don't complain about it because they will continue to do it as long as they can get money out of our pockets. Let your wallets do all the complaining for you. The minute you see a game with a review embargo, cancel your order/pre-order and wait until the price of the game drops to 30 dollars or less. I guarantee you that the minute that these developers stop making money selling crap, they will finish the game and make sure it works before they sell it.

Codey471405d ago

It's a ploy based on hype and deceit..... plain and simple.
The amount of consumers that will buy said products without review will probably be in the masses.

But then again, many reviewers are in it for the coins and ad revenue or most recently a bit of skanky vag.

When embargo is lifted, the launch day consumer is filled deep with regret... if indeed the product is a pile of old arse/ass fruit.

tlougotg1405d ago

Idk gaming is heading to some very grimey, dark times and alot of underhanded stuff. I see the review embargoes eventually ending up the way it has for Unity and other games (as in games not being reviewed till day of or after launch) just because all the publishers will be behind it whether they know their games are good or bad because they all have something to win from it and that is keeping things from the consumers that might hurt sales.

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