Halo: The Master Chief Collection Really Isn’t Worth $60

Jeff from Twinfinite writes:
With Halo: The Master Chief Collection already being out for 24 hours, the full-game price of $60 doesn't really same fair for the same titles we've been playing for years already.

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Neonridr1413d ago

Interesting that you say that.

But TLOU remaster or GTA V (games from a year ago) are worth $60?

randomass1711413d ago

I love both of those games, but I agree. Four remastered games and a beta for the next iteration seems well worth $60 to me especially for a giant franchise like Halo.

Neonridr1413d ago

not to mention Part 2 has more than just a coat of polish on it, using a new engine, new assets, new cutscenes..

darthv721413d ago

i agree with the title. 4 games with remastered visuals and 100+ maps and access to the Guardians multiplayer beta really isn't worth $60.

It's worth sooooo much more but $60 is one hell of a steal.

Overall, compilations are worth their asking price. God of war, ratchet and clank, jak and daxter...yeah those games are akin to the MCC and are worth their initial price. you get it all in one nice and convenient package.

What is there to really complain about?

Charybdis1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Question he seems to aks if the game is worth 60 if you have bought all 4 of these games in the past. With the amount there has been added (framerate/resolution./content )I would say its very well worth the $60/€60.
Not all gamers esspecially the 'younger generation, cross console or pc gamers' have played all halo games. This bundle will certainly hold much more value to those who haven't played all halo (1-4) games. Keep in mind that the first halo launched 13 years ago in 2001.

shloobmm31413d ago

and the halo nightfall show, dont forget that

4Sh0w1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

Uhm Charybdis, I've played every Halo game including Reach a ton, ton of times but I take issue with you saying this bundle holds more value for those who are new to Halo or haven't played them all. Hell No, I would have easily paid $100, maybe double because it puts 1 of my all time favorite franchises in 1 package on my current console of choice, its a huge sentimental value to me because Halo was a game that me and some longtime friends all experienced together unlike any other game, besides maybe the old, old Madden games there's no other game that we literally setup and played it at parties...I got a few buds who buy all the Halo toy figures/gear so I'm not even the biggest Halo guy really. Now obviously there are some casual Halo fans that likely just think it's a good franchise that they'd like to play again but I don’t think the millions of Halo junkies like me would agree that this collection holds MORE value to the uninitiated.

I didn't bother to read this because it would just be a waist of time, maybe that's closed minded on my part but there is really just no way to convince me that Halo MCC is NOT the biggest pure gaming value I've seen on a console period. He might as well titled this "Water really isn't wet".

user55757081412d ago

idk if others are with me on this but the only reason i would want the game is for the halo2 online nostalgia. was so much fun back in the day

Magicite1412d ago

Giant? Dont make me laugh. Its only big in US.

indyman77771412d ago

Don't try that the last of us remastered didnt cost $60!

freshslicepizza1412d ago

how much did nintendo charge for wind walker? how much will they charge for majoras mask? sony who came out with the god of war bundled two games at $40 was a great deal. now you are getting 4 games plus over 100 maps that are playable online, that isn't worth $60?

garos821412d ago

haven't played the Halo series too much however, a game with such legacy.. scratch that 4 games with such a great legacy remastered and done so well is definitely well worth the asking price

memots1412d ago

Pure bs, what a load of ****, this is the most value I've seen in a 60$ package since orange box pc.

100% click bait

Benchm4rk1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )


 "I would have easily paid $100, maybe double".

Funny you say that, cause I actually did pay double. I pre ordered a physical copy for $99.95 from EB games as soon as it was announced at E3. When it got close to release date I found out my local EB games wasn't doing a midnight launch for it so I bought a digital copy for $99.95 and pre downloaded it off the Xbox Store. But being a huge Halo Fanboy I kept my pre order at EB games so I could add it to my collection :)

Bnet3431412d ago

How many HD remasters did we see last generation? Now that Halo does it, WHICH BY THE WAY IS WORTH EVERY PENNY, now little kids want to come out the woodworks and say "Oh no it's not worth it" Yeah just stop. 4 campaigns, 100+ maps, Halo 5 beta, and so much other extra content like Halo Nightfall. You really got to be grasping for straws on this one.

ArmrdChaos1412d ago

Hmmm...not like they are charging you in order to play a racing demo. Epilogue anyone?

guitarded771412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

I'm not even a Halo fan and I know the MCC is worth every penny.


I accidentally ordered two copies of Destiny from Amazon.

miyamoto1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

okay a remaster of an old remastered collection... this article reminds me of Halo ODST too

let the ghulibles buy it

mikeslemonade1412d ago

Halo is 2nd-rate, but it still has enough content there to warrant the full price.

PONTIAC08G8GT1412d ago

Hmmmm, 4 full games, 100+ MP maps isn't worth $60, yet Titanfall with just a MP mode is? I love Titanfall don't get me wrong, but if your comparing the two side by side, Halo is offering way more value for your money. This article is pretty stupid.

EeJLP-1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )


That's likely the dumbest thing I'll read this month. Congrats on paying $40 too much for no reason (I didn't know EB Games was a charity), then paying another $100 to play it ~8 hours earlier.. then brag about throwing your money away? Ok..

As far as MCC being worth $60.. I'm not a Halo fan, those little aliens crying and running away annoy me, but clearly it is worth it (60, not 200) to a fan of the series.

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nicksetzer11413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Yea, not sure how halo 2 completely rehauled, plus 1, 3 and 4 up res'ed and @ 60fps, PLUS all the multiplayer maps, plus halo nightfall, plus halo 5 beta is not worth 60$ ... especially compared to other "remasters" that were basically just straight ports. But to each their own I suppose.

mcstorm1413d ago

I agree. For me there have been 4 re mastered games that have been worth the price. Mario 64 on the DS, Zelda on the 3ds windwaker on the wiiu and Halo mcc.

Only issue I have with mcc is I have still not managed to play a mp game yet and I really want too hope its sorted soon.

Tempest3171412d ago

That is my issue as well with MCC...i was just able to download a few hours ago, and since I havent been able to find a single MP game. So I've had ADHD bouncing back and forth between all the campaigns :)

christocolus1413d ago

Lol. My thoughts exactly.

Halo MCC imo is worth every penny. My friends and i will be playing this for a long time. MP and Campaigns from all 4 games. its all in there.

Kivespussi1412d ago

Way to completely miss the point.

XanderZane1412d ago

Yes, and it should have been less then that. No more then $30 to be honest. I'll get it on EBay a year from now for $20 or less. Halo: MCC is easily worth $60. All total, the games and maps would have probably cost you over $400 if you had bought everything back when the games released. I'm hoping they do a Gears of War Remastered, but that probably would be hard to do without Cliffy and some Epic people.

kneon1413d ago

I've never liked Halo, yet if I had an XB1 this would still be a great deal.

How can anyone whine about all those games, all updated plus some extras for only $60?

Moe-Gunz1412d ago

I got it for 50% buy trading in the last gen version.

Mehmeh1412d ago

So what? It was less content.

Neonridr1412d ago

I am in Canada. Price was $59.99 initially.

TomShoe1412d ago

Tlou Remaster was $50 lol

xTheMercenary_1412d ago

Not where i live, its damn $80 brand new.

TheXgamerLive1412d ago

The writer is a fool an also said doesn't SAME? Fair? Its OK we post blogs as stories now soooo.

danthegamerfiend1412d ago

The only way tlou remastered would compare is, if naughty dog added their uncharted games too. Call it naughty dog collection. Gta 5 is a different story because it's a huge open world game with a lot to do. As for halo anyone that's new or old to series is going to have a treat with the 60 fps. I don't know how I ever played halo back in day with 30 fps. That only is a huge improvement.

Myze1412d ago

I agree with the Halo part of your statement, it is a great deal.

However, your comment about TLOU and GTA5 is silly. The majority of people (based on fan votes, people I know, GOTY awards, etc.) find TLOU a better game than GTA5. The size of a game doesn't equate to better quality or value (if it did, RPGs would clearly be the #1 genre). TLOU was exclusive to ps3 near then end of it's life cycle, GTA5 was multi-platform. TLOU ps4, not only a significant upgrade, also benefited people that may not have had a chance to play it if they didn't own a ps3.

Considering both games are great, and both are barely a year released from their previous gen counterpart (meaning close enough to where a lot of people probably waited for the next-gen version), I think both games are worth $60. If these games weren't worth $60, people wouldn't pay it.

DoctorJones1412d ago

Lol, Myze. So you're going to speak for the 32+ million that bought GTA5? Based on a few people you know, and a relatively small amount of people on the internet?

ChronoJoe1412d ago

I don't think the article said TLOU was worth $60 either. I imagine their stance is quite similar on both games.

Personally I think it's really down to how much you enjoy the series... for instance for some buying a Lord of the Rings Boxset on bluray after you own it on DVD, simply isn't worth it, but for fans it is because they really appreciate the content and want to experience it at a higher quality.

I wouldn't recommend TLOTR boxset for my mom, who only moderately enjoys the films, but like I say, for fans of the series it's totally worth it to be able to experience the series in higher quality, and for newcomers to the series it's a great way to experience them for the first time.

optimus1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

I partially agree with you. I consider myself a halo fan owning 1-4, reach, as well as enjoying the spinoff spartan ops. But i also agree that this collection isn't worth $60 to ME. I can live without the updated visuals and framerate. Having 100 maps isn't much of an incentive to me considering i hardly played multiplayer on the originals anyway...

Having access to the halo 5 beta would be my only incentive to buy this but not for $60. Considering halo 5 isn't scheduled until next nov. there is bound to be so many changes by the time it comes out that i would rather wait for the real thing...

$30-40 is what i value this collection at...if they had thrown in the other spinoff games as well as the digital download games then i would value it at $60...for newcomers though, i guess it's worth the $60

Neonridr1412d ago

Yes but when you buy the DVD box set and then upgrade to the Blu ray box set you are getting the same product, just a little bit prettier.

This isn't the case here. Take the Two Towers for example and completely re-shoot it with better equipment and use better CGI to fill in the blanks. That would make a better comparison, and then arguably it would be worth it.

Halo 2 is brand new, it's not getting a 1080p polish like the other 3 games are.

Blaze9291412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

of course, only for an xbox game getting nothing but 9s and 10s do you have to then question its value. Only on xbox lol

but all the other remasters? Shhhhh, silence.

vallencer1412d ago

I was going to hit agree with you but your agrees, at the time of me writing this, are at 117 and considering this is a halo article i feel it would be inappropriate to upvote past that. So just know that I am silently upvoting you and completely agreeing with you.

On topic: I'd say a game with FOUR complete games and all multiplayer maps with the halo 5 beta AND nightfall is clearly worth 60 dollars.

x_RadicalAura_x1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

At least everything about TLoU Remastered worked 100% day-one... Just saying.

Ace Killa 081412d ago

I don't know if it was part of the game then to take more than 5 minutes to find a match. Imbalanced in player count also until a few minutes into the match it turned out to be balanced.

Bigpappy1412d ago

LOL. Those who share this view will simply not buy the collection. There ate many games I didn't think were worth $60. I simply didn't buy them. The writer should follow my lead.

BallsEye1412d ago

Halo Master Chief Collection is best value in console gaming to date and is the best remaster. 4 games connected seamlessly in new engines with possibility to change to old engines in real time. Add amazing multiplayer and around an hour of the most epic CGI cut-scenes from blur studio (which costed millions for sure) and you have the king of remasters. You complain about HMCC but if you'd get ratched and clank with just upped resolution you'd poop your armor.

starrman19851412d ago

Don't know about america, but it was considerably cheaper over here in the UK. Cost me £37, about the same price I paid for TLoU actually!

This is one of the worst articles I've seen on here in a long while... this is probably one of the better value games/collections that we have seen.

2cents1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

Well said Neonridr.

This writer... what a self entitled semi-professional pr1k.

First hipster in space? Go on then F'off.

Edit: (in reference to his bio)
"I’d like to say I’m a zombie movie lover, video game aficionado and writer all-in-one. I have recently been credited in Undead Lab’s XBLA game, “State of Decay.” To sum it up? I'm a semi-professional five finger filet player who plans to soon be the first hipster in space"

otherZinc1412d ago

Not worth "$60"...
Yeah, umhm, right.
Someone needs some attention.

hankmoody1412d ago

That was my first thought upon reading that headline as well.

OhReginald1412d ago

Remastering a game that came out last year does not make it any cheaper. Last of Us for the ps3 cost around $30. Last of Us Remastered was actually $50. That included the main game in 1080p / 60fps, the Left Behind DLC story, and tons of multiplayer extras. I think the price is justified.

listenkids1412d ago

Does it state they are worth the price tag in the article? If not, your comment isn't really 'well said'. Personally think this is one of the only remasters worth the price, regardless of issues.

Neonridr1412d ago

I am merely suggesting that if this game isn't worth the $60 price tag, then no remaster should.

XanderZane1412d ago

Should anyone be throwing their money at TLOU for $60 as well? lmao!! That game should be $25 or less on the PS4. At least an Uncharted 3 remastered would have 3 games. I'd pay $60 for that. The Halo 5 Beta is worth $60 all by itself. Jeff completely forgot about the Halo Nightfall digital series, which is also included. Anyone who thinks this collection isn't worth $60 needs to have their head examined. Over 100 game maps that probably costed well over $150 in DLC. The maps are worth more then $60. This article is nothing but biased butthurt garbage. I wonder if this was on the PS4 or Wii U if Jeff would still be spewing this garbage. Jeff, do us all a favor. Have a coke and a smile and STFU!!.

modelgod1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

100% agree with you.TLOU gets high praises because of it stunning " 1080p/60FPS (the most overrated 2 words in video games history) but the Halo collection;4 games at that, gets bashed by this dude. I have to admit,I was at my cousin's house last night and we couldn't find a lobby so we just played the campaign. It's worth well over 60$ and once they work out the bugs and fix the matchmaking it'll be just fine. Funny How someone can say a game isn't worth 60$ when he obviously didn't play it in its entirety; nor did I but from what I did play.'s safe to say 60$ is more than fair. These are the type of pricks that's rating games thus dictating the market of games, SAD!!!

Bobby Kotex1412d ago

If you geniuses keep clicking on clickbait, N4G will always have these crappy articles at the top.

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Mikefizzled1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Can understand where hes coming from but I have to strongly disagree. What about these other remastered games? Surely of Tomb Raider, The Last of Us, Sleeping Dogs, Metro, and Halo it is by far the best offering.

jrshankill1412d ago

Without a doubt Halo is the best remaster we have had this generation.

I think the writer is a sony bumboy

RealisticGamer1413d ago

Yes it is, it's a great value for any Halo fan, and an Amazing value for anyone who hasn't owned an Xbox console in the past.

Kivespussi1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

Never owned the original Xbox or the 360. I've always been a PC and PS guy. But now that I got my Xbone I LOVE THESE GAMES! I haven't gotten to the online multiplayer yet but so far I really, really like the games.

DanielGearSolid1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Well how much do each of those games cost separately today?

Add up the totals and there's your answer

All_Consoles1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

I didn't realize halo 2 on Xbox is 1080 and looks like that

And I didn't realize halo 2 and 1 still had online

1413d ago
DanielGearSolid1413d ago

This wasn't a serious post btw...

I assumed it would add up to more than $60, just to disqualify the title...

Nobody hates "Remaster A is not needed" or "Remaster B is not worth it" articles more than i do

Kivespussi1412d ago

Sarcasm doesn't translate too well over the internet... It would but there's so many trolls and stupid people it's hard to know the difference.