GTA V Xbox One Achievement List

The achievements for the Xbox One version of GTA V have been released and it seems to be the same as the last-gen list. Here’s the list in full (minor spoilers for newcomers):

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RedSoakedSponge1347d ago

does anyone know if since you can transfer your online profile to the next gen version, if the online trophies/achievements you unlocked before will pop as soon as you start online? or will you have to do it all again with a new character?

paul-p19881347d ago

I would assume u would get the level based ones instantly (I hope so, i'm level 145 and don't want to start again to get the lvl100 trophy), but I would guess the other online trophies might need to be redone. They were all pretty simple though, and quite quick to boost with friends.

Only a few more days then we can find out for definite, as i'm not sure there has been an official announcement on this yet.