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CheatCC says - "If you’ve played one LEGO game, you’ve played them all. These family friendly action/puzzle/platformers games pretty much always follow the same model. You get to take control of a variety of iconic characters, take them through environment’s built out of LEGO blocks, kill enemies, solve some rudimentary puzzles, participate in some easy yet usually semi-broken platforming, and then collect LEGO bits in order to do a variety of side actions, from building your own LEGO world, to upgrading characters, to playing dress-up. As such, many fans of the series skip out on installments, as there’s not much to keep them fresh."

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darthv721343d ago

As an older gamer (40+) I must say that i thoroughly enjoy the lego games. They are fun for pretty much any age gamer and i especially like how they dont take themselves too seriously.

FUN is the main ingredient. I for one would like to see a lego fighter (if there isnt one already).

AceofStaves1343d ago

I'm in the same age group, and I agree with you 100%. These games are pure fun. I really enjoyed the Lego Marvel game, and I'm looking forward to picking this one up, too. :)

RiPPn1343d ago

I'm also 40 and love these games, LEGO Marvel was a blast and I'm looking forward to this one.

lemoncake1343d ago

Main reason I get these is due to the couch coop, diablo 3 has been doing a great job of filling that need though atm.

Travis37081343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

I played the demo, the game is an easy 4/5