GTA 5: new screens show 30-player races and character creator

Rockstar has released a handful of screens for the PS4 and Xbox One version of Grand Theft Auto 5, ahead of a title update on Monday.

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ArchangelMike1409d ago

I'm soo tempted to get this game. But I've got Far Cry 4 and Dragon Age already in the queue... what to do?!?

its_JEFF1409d ago

I know how you feel! I've got FarCry waiting in the wings but I'm thinking of foregoing it for GTA... only cause Ubi has been really shakey lately. I already know that GTA is going to be good. FC3 was really good and so far everything I've seen of FC4 looks just as good or better... but Ubisoft.

eklektic1409d ago

Get it you know its going to be goty again. Although dragon age is looking pretty fresh. Id skip far cry ubisoft isn't doing to well right now. Maybe wait till they patch it.

meatysausage1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

You probably dont need all three at once, Dragon age itself is like 70 hours, plus say another 30 for far cry. Ironically, ive bought them all so I dont even know what im saying

danowat1409d ago

Do what I've done and buy all three!

ArchangelMike1409d ago

I wish I could. Not enough time and definately not enough cash to get through all three :(

JamesBondage1409d ago

Where does author see 30 player race? Counted racers, there's only 16 in screenshot...

Hazmat131409d ago

So if I play online with my old character will they add like skin detail and all those features you see in GTA single player or will I have to start all over again? Cause my guy is hawt as fuck. Haha

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