Congratulations Ubisoft, You're The New EA

Yesterday, the dam broke for Ubisoft, and the gaming press and gaming public stopped fighting each other after two months of GamerGate warfare to turn toward a new common enemy. In fact, Ubisoft seems to have crossed so many lines with their recent Assassin’s Creed dual release, that critical disdain and public outrage over their policies has reached EA levels of fervor.

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Activemessiah1410d ago

Since Ubi have been copying EA to the line, I think we should let them have one or two "Worst company awards"... might as well at this rate.

thereapersson1410d ago

I read the whole article. Usually I don't agree with what Forbes has to say on anything entertainment / videogame related, the author seems to have done enough relevant research to craft a well said piece.

Ubisoft's antics are the reason why I did not purchase Watch Dogs and will not be buying Unity.

Findingcrybabies1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

I'm with you brother. The crap quality and terrible technical issues they release their games in finally took me far enough. AC3 was the last game I will ever own that says "Ubisoft" on the box. Oh man is it fun being on the outside looking in though. I LOVED the time during Watchdogs release. I laughed and laughed and laughed at all of the rage. Heres to Unity being almost as "good" lol. Screw Ubisoft.

Army_of_Darkness1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

Let me do the honours of congratulating them with my feet after a 12hrs shift that were in safety boots the whole time.

Athonline1409d ago

The only fault with the article is that it suggests Ubisoft became the new EA now... It was like this for over the last two years.

morganfell1409d ago

And like EA, Ubi they will never learn the lesson or cease current practices even with bad press as long as people keep buying the games.

After Watchdogs gamers still could not take a wait and see attitude. So many weak individuals fall victim to marketing that Ubi will just keep walking across their backs on the way to the bank.

explicitbaron1409d ago

Watch Dogs didn't look very good and to my surprise this year's Assassin's Creeds games are getting lower than expected scores and are supposed to be buggy. You are not missing much.

theEx1Le1409d ago

Its crap like this that has me worried for The Division.

droc11231409d ago

Ubisoft really screwed up big time, I'm "attempting" to play ACU on my ps4 but it is
Completely unplayable right now. I can't even get passed the tutorial where you chase after a guy who has your watch. For some reason I push the joystick forward and my character runs to the right and then stops randomly during the chase and the guy get away and I have to restart. I know what some are going to say its the controller but I reset it twice, tried another controller and to be sure I played another game and it worked fine. I am so disappointed it's not even funny, this is absolutely unacceptable ubisoft you should be ashamed of yourselves. Worst company ever = EA = Ubisoft.

antz11041409d ago

Anyone have thoughts about AC: Black Flag? That also comes in the Xone bundle and I'm curious how that is on new gen systems.

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Magicite1410d ago

EA has actually released some good games this year, like Dragon Age.

SuperBlur1410d ago

With the reception of DA 2, SWTOR:O , nba live 14-15 , nhl 15 , sims 4 and so on . I wouldn't hold my breath

Findingcrybabies1409d ago

wth? its not even out yet...what did you do illegally download it?

TheFanboySlayer1409d ago

Ehh they had a decent year....NBA wasn't that great I hear but Ubi had an underwhelming year. Far cry 4 is the only thing that can save it lol

Athonline1409d ago

Fifa 15 wasn't bad at all. Much better than 14.

Dragon Age looks good and may sell good. Only the timing for it is bad. RPG people got WoW: WoD and most gamers are/will be busy will other games. Imo DA should had been released in September or February.

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Muzikguy1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

I also don't usually agree with Forbes but this was a good article. I was suckered into Watch Dogs and haven't bought a Ubisoft title since. I might get the PS4 version of Rocksmith but that's it. No other game of theirs is on my radar. No more AC games, and I gave up on The Division after getting my copy of WD. They're a company I'm not going to support anymore. Too many downgrades, lies, milked franchisees, and micro transactions. I hope they do get the next "worst company" award.

If they released an awesome Rainbow Six game for the current gen I'd buy that too (used?). Then that would be it :P

Edit: I don't like when companies try to justify the addition of DLC. Games may cost more to make, but these guys are taking way to long to release them nowadays. Why does a rehashed game like COD take 3 years and still come out with bugs?! There has to be a better process for making games than what these companies are doing, and that doesn't include full games for over $100 each

Sandy_Claws1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

And on the other side we have MS, who are doing everything they can to be as transparent as possible and to maximize the quality of their games. Hell, Forza 2 embargo was lifted what, a week before launch?? Sunset Overdrive too. Then the Halo MCC value and quality is off the charts. They were extremely confident in those games.

I think that MS can really benefit from the public finding a new common enemy with Ubi and get back on their good side much easier.


You're kidding, right? Only reason MS is doing all that is how bad people received their early plans for XB1, they were well in line for that "worst company award" a year ago if it was up to gamers...

Anyway, you can't expect a platform holder to really be the counter weight to a third party publishers... Not just MS, stating that with Sony and Ninty would be just as stupid. If it was up to any of them, Ubi could release as many crappy games as they may well want to, in fact the more the better, as hardware makers don't have to worry if a particular game breaks even or not, they only care about their cut on the sale towards their platform, which is potentially bigger with more games.

skwidd1409d ago

Played the game last night. The glitches and all were awful. I'm very put off and would be ashamed of myself if I was Ubisoft.

kenwonobi1409d ago

Yep. Intentionally selling broken games? Keeeping back the reviews so they can fool more into buying the broken game? What a mess of a company right now.

Tito081409d ago

EA+Activision+Ubisoft= The Three Stooges.

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BabyTownFrolics1410d ago

Gaming news is just depressing now

Yi-Long1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Luckily, in February, we'll be getting The Witcher 3, which WILL be a complete game for our 50-60 bucks, followed with free DLC.

Unlike Ubisoft and EA, THOSE developers WILL be getting my money on day 1!

aragon1410d ago

Ubisoft definitely deserves flack as well as ea games but they've been really gud with free dlc on pvz

Qrphe1410d ago

I support GoG all the way because of what they represent but damn they're really dropping the ball here and there.


HighResHero1409d ago

It's also available DRM-free on GOG.

littletad1410d ago

Hard to disagree with his lists, as many gamers have been hit with more than one. Sure, it's on us however we spend our money, but holding review embargo's and PR talk that their games are more polished than they really are, it's perhaps too many steps too far.

Benjammin251410d ago

What really pisses me off is that NONE of the reviews I read even mentioned how atrocious this game is on console from a technical standpoint. This crap is why things like Gamergate exist.

kenwonobi1409d ago

I think they took the gaming ethics and stretched them as far as they possibly could. Gaming ethics is starting to get a little too grownup for me right now. So much politics and seedy deals. Bad ethics decisions. These guys need to remember their core audience is still young people and kids in many instances.

MonkeyOne1410d ago

Ubisoft has become a game factory.

Bethesda .. please save us from this nonsense.

NovusTerminus1410d ago

When complaining about a glitch ridden game, Bethesda are among the worst for that... not the best company to run to here.

Once their games are heavily patched they are great, but they take abit.

dredgewalker1409d ago

Amen to that. I gave up buying console ports of Bethesda games and sticking with pc versions.